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Together, they set about poaching a number of musicians from other local bands around the Cambridge scene until they'd settled on bassist Sam Douglas, rhythm guitarist James Gillet and vocalist Mikey Chapman to join them.

Then almost on the stroke of Mikey Chapman is almost in my opinion too polite to be a metal front man. Don't get me wrong, I've yet to meet a music fan that doesn't like to feel that a band really appreciates their turning out and MK make their gratitude known but British sensibilities can get the better of a band and they can become ineffectual in their politeness.

The sky is truly the limit for these guys, and with the rude health that British rock is in, there's no reason why they can't follow in the footsteps of Bring Me The Horizon and You Me At Six to become one of the biggest rock bands in the country.

Round it all off with a brief acoustic encore and a set-closing bravissimo performance of seminal song Lighthouses and you'd have to be the Grinch it's almost that khassaides online dating And a rapturous and well deserved thanks did they receive.

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Byafter concerts supporting everyone from A Day To Remember to Biffy Clyro, the band had become one of the hottest prospects in British rock. What followed was a whirlwind tour of their 2 full studio albums and EP Pilot of melodic metal-lite.

The new vehicle for the former My Chemical Romance guitarist certainly had its very vocal supporters but I just didn't get it sadly - it was 30 minutes of badly played out of tune noise After taking their name from a character in the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers, the band hunkered down for three months to begin writing their own material.

Since their debut they have released two studio albums and made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting British rock bands of their generation. It can be a tough seat to fill but I think crowds need challenging.

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Keep it up and they could be the unfulfilled potential band in this sector. The mainly student based populace of LBU's Student Union worked the poor bugger hard last night out-singing him on tracks like Beggars,alongside newer tracks like Ghost in the Mirror, current single Shout at the Moon and the hauntingly sweet She TookHim to the Lake.

And in these tunes Mallory Knox have carved a niche out for themselves. And the band themselves maybe need to develop that fine line elevation in ego that allows them to accept that place on stage as the worshipped.

From a pure live performance perspective expect to bounce and sing along - don't expect to get battered and bruised in a mosh pit - Leeds was far too gentile for that.

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Bythe band were playing their first headline tours around the U. In fairness to MK I've seen Skindred and Rise Against this month already so comparisons can be tough, even if the bands are very different For his part Mikey was largely out of breath but battled on manfully!

There's clear sing-along-ability in a Mallory Knox lyric though maybe a few too many wooo-ooo-ohhhooo-oooos. Live reviews Mallory Knox I've been listening to the Knox for a few months and had had to miss their concert at the legendary Leeds Cockpit earlier in Arriving after opening act Moose Blood had packed up and in the first song of First Hope's set we were welcomed with passable opening act fare, if a little overwhelmed with the frontman's insistence on operatic vocal acrobatics that even Brice Dickinson wouldn't claim to be capable of even prior to 30 years in the biz!

A place in between the heaviness and brutality of bands like Machine Head, Skindred et al and the dire pop mediocrity of Fall Out Boy etc. The band was put together around the partnership of lead guitarist Joe Savins and drummer Dave Rawling, who came together in August For that, they come highly recommended.