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We will not share your email with anyone for any reason. Maybe she knows something the 100 actors dating dexter don't? Another young woman associated with Westboro then starts shouting slurs in a blithely undeterred Firth's face.

The group has come under fire recently for high-profile threats to protest memorial services for Aurora shooting victims, as well as the funerals of children killed at Sandy Hook elementary last week.

Firth chats up Phelps, complimenting his accent before asking, "Did you just give me a look? There was the source I met for lunch, who is a grandfather, and the only person who does a particular job that was crucial for a story I was hunting.

Summoned another female employee to his office, dropped his pants and showed her his penis—and then reprimanded her for not doing anything with it. I could do a little bit about the rest.

In the roughly four-minute clip, which is now going viral again due to the WBC being in the news this week after threatening to protest the funerals of those involved in the Newtown shooting, The Chaser's Chris Firth shares a little gay lovin' with a protester identified in the video as Fred Phelps Junior.

And when I first started out in journalism, I blamed myself when male sources would seem more interested in me than my story.

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So far, however, the group has failed to show up. Because you've got a really nice look.

News Men’s ‘Flirty Business’ Is Awful for Women Reporters

I walked him to the train after that lunch and he insisted I kiss him goodbye on the mouth. The next thing I knew, we were sitting on a bench under a tree and he was complaining to me about his marriage.

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I think of it more as making a new friend — you want to impress the person, you want them to like you and trust you — than as flirting.

They also are not part of any courtship ritual; do not show someone your penis if you have not yet successfully accomplished courtship.

Julia Roberts “Flirting With Other Men” Report Is Fake News

I should have worn a different shirt, I would think. None of them believed they were my fault. Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't.

Those commonalities often present a huge, terrible obstacle that we have no choice but to reckon with to do our jobs.

I wanted to be able to meet with a source any place, any time and not have to think about anything other than getting a good story. I also was fortunate to work for and with men and women I could talk to about these interactions.

At some point, she said, she passed out with her pants pulled halfway down. I was crushed after that. You're a fag ass pervert.

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Would I tell her it was her fault? So yes, source-making is a kind of courtship. And it means there are definitely people besides Lauer who need to be held accountable here, in their workplaces and perhaps also in court.

I thought about how I would respond if someone else told me these stories. Forget courtship, that is terrifying.

What surprises us most about this video of Firth chatting up a male member of church is the timidness of the other guy's response. So perhaps its no surprise that some of the most effective -- not to mention hilarious -- confrontations with the ultra-homophobic and anti-Semitic picketing group have been devised by comedians.

Instead, she told me that of course she did. So why was I telling myself it was mine?

There was the government source who turned out to be closer to my age than I expected. I just wanted to be able to do my job in peace. I wanted to keep talking with this man, in part because there was no one else I could replace him with.

Harmless, that is, unless you're a member of the WBC, which believes that God is punishing America for its acceptance of homosexuality.