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We also need to take a different approach at spotting commonality between the two halves of the map. By examining logic cones, mapping them onto LUT-based nodes and sorting them by the number of inputs that would be best at each node, Altera found that the distribution of fan-ins was nearly flat between two and six inputs, with a nice peak at five.

Karnaugh-Veitch Map

The four groups of 4-cells are shown on the Karnaugh map above with the associated product terms. This style map is found in older texts. This is an overlay type of map. Before the K-map logic reduction there would have been 28 product terms in our SOP output, each with 6-inputs.

The second group of 8-cells is composed of a similar group of 4-cells in the right sub map overlaying the same group of 4-cells in the lower left map.

Though the sequence of four of the least significant two bits is. The answer is no more than six inputs for most all designs, and five inputs for the average logic design.

When using this version of the K-map look for mirror images in the other half of the map. In grouping cells, form groups with adjacent sub maps if possible.

The wiring diagram is not shown.

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No 1s in this line. This is really what Karnaugh maps are all about! Though the 2-bit address codes of the four sub maps is Gray code.

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The newer preferred style is below. One of the large programmable logic companies has an answer. The goal of logic simplification is a minimal cost solution.

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If we ignore the most significant digit of the 3-digit numbers, the sequence 00, 01, 11, 10 is at the heading of both sub maps of the overlay map.

The overlay version of the Karnaugh map, shown above, is simply two four for a 6-variable map identical maps except for the most significant bit of the 3-bit address across the top.

Along with the product terms for the two groups of 8-cells and the group of cells, the final Sum-Of-Products reduction is shown, all seven terms.

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Look for the following groups: A three bit magnitude comparator has two inputs A2A1A0 and B2B1B0 An integrated circuit magnitude comparator would actually have four inputs, But, the Karnaugh map below needs to be kept to a reasonable size.

The binary address code across the top and down the left side of the map is not a full 3-bit Gray code.

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The prime numbers are 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29, Finish by writing the simplified result. The sequence of eight 3-digit numbers is not Gray code. It is a group of 2-cells by being reflected about the mirror line.

If we look at the top of the map, we will see that the numbering is different from the previous Gray code map.

One group of 8-cells is composed of a group of 4-cells in the upper sub map overlaying a similar group in the lower left map.

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There could be cells common to all four maps, though not in the example below. Overlay one half of the map atop the other half. We show the solution above on the older Gray code reflection map for reference.

How large is large enough? The above 5-variable overlay map is shown stacked. A minimal cost solution is a valid logic reduction with the minimum number of gates with the minimum number of inputs. Product-Of-Sums expressions are based on the 0s, maxterms, in a Karnaugh map.

Then, proceed with grouping of the cells.

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That is A,B,E are the same respectively for the group.