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Marc gerstein flirting with disaster beth, what is kobo super points?

They also celebrate those who go beyond the call of duty to save others, including Dr. Revealing dark secrets is, at least in the institutional world, experienced as a form of treason. Flirting with Disaster will do for catastrophe what Blink did for intuition: Amerine, a Babcock and Wilcox Corporation executive with long experience in the nuclear power industry, revealed their approach.

The authors of this remarkable book say we actually do have the power to prevent tragedies marc gerstein flirting with disaster beth as the flooding from Hurricane Katrina, the death toll from dangerous medicines likeVioxx, and the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia. At once alarming, entertaining, and hopeful, the offers readers very real and practical lessons for everyday life.

Gerstein said the problem with sub-prime products was that they were priced without appropriate benchmarks.

Flirting with Disaster : Marc S. Gerstein :

And we don't shy away from confronting the root causes of injustice. Compromised regulators have turned into a major problem, one that appears to be getting worse, in cases in food production, air safety, pharmaceuticals, patient safety, and finance all illustrate.

When it comes to enforcing the rules, public safety is preserved by a certain amount of conflict. Daniel Ellsbergworked on the top secret study of U. Marc Gerstein and Michael Ellsberg insist that disasters need not be inevitable if we learn from history, prepare carefully for the worst case, and speak out when we see danger looming.

Many organizations are ruthless in their punishments, and super strict indian parents and dating a whistleblower is rarely a good resume item.

One such whistleblower contributes both a foreword and an afterword: His comments came as America's biggest sub-prime mortgage lender, Countrywide Financial, faces a prosecution for unethical business practices. Flirting with Disaster will do for catastrophe what Blink did for intuition, and The Black Swan did for probability: Analyzing such phenomena as bystander behavior and the butterfly effect, amid a marc gerstein flirting with disaster beth of instructive case studiesnot only the aforementioned shuttle crashes, natural disasters, and industrial accidents, but also Arthur Andersen's shady accounting at Enron; the Mexican peso crisis that nearly caused an international monetary meltdown; and the American sub-prime lending crisis that emerged in Augustrevealing the country's unhealthy dependence on consumer creditMarc Gerstein, an organizational psychologist,urges a re-evaluation of the timidity, distorted thinking, errors of judgment and self-serving conduct that result in disasters from the boardroom to the halls of academe to the Oval Office.

That fits with what I see. He believes that it has succeeded in changing people's attitudes towards whistleblowing. Are things falling apart, or am I now excessively sensitized to this type of news? The global economic crisis touched off by irresponsible subprime mortgage lending in the U.

Customers were not informed about the risks and in many cases the sales people themselves did not know about the full risk.

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Many employers see you as an untrustworthy trouble-maker, a fact that in and of itself conveys just how powerful the cult of dark secrets really is. What needs to be done is obvious, but it is very difficult.

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Sanctions, in particular, are very prone to influence. The authors of this remarkable book say we actually do have the power to prevent tragedies such as the flooding from Hurricane Katrina, the death toll from dangerous medicines like Vioxx, and the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

How do smart, high-powered people, leaders of global corporations, national institutions, even nations, often get it so wrong? Ultimately, however, building a culture in which it is truly safe for people to raise concerns can stem only from consistent leadership behavior that supports truth telling irrespective of the consequences.

Rather, my point is simply that there is a movement between sectors that might potentially encourage regulatory personnel to behave in a manner that facilitates their movement into the private sector but may also compromise their role as regulators.

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Gerstein takes a more pessimistic view, talking of many "near-misses" in the UK health sector. Columbia, as well as many other hospitals, had put in place routine safe practices to avoid high dosages by limiting the amount of fluid a patient could be given over a certain time period.

Taken together, these forces add up to a regulatory regime that has become prone to be very cozy with those they regulate. Such punishment stories are a regular theme in the stories we publish at Truthout. The current one does not.

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PR What does the US sub-prime mortgage disaster have in common with the Challenger space shuttle crash? First is the issue of the hiring of staff from the regulator to the private sector. To make matters worse, many regulatory agencies have woefully inadequate resources to perform inspections, to perform investigations, and to enforce the rules that do exist with sanctions strong enough to discourage others.

Flirting With Disaster: BBC Radio Interview with author Marc Gerstein

While most investigations focus on the technical causes of disaster,Flirting With Disasterexamines the psychological, social, and cultural impediments to whistle-blowing, showing what we can do to reduce the possibility of disasters happening at all. This means that corporations may put bylaws in place that indemnify their officers against the legal fees they pay and the loss of the bonuses they receive on the basis of bogus profits.

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He runs seminars encouraging people to eliminate routine accidents, particularly in healthcare, rather than focusing on low-probability catastrophic events. You can immediately see that the closeness between the regulated and their regulators robs the process of precisely the psychological and cultural distinctions needed for appropriate governance.

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I am in no way making any allegations of inappropriate action on Mr. But are such incidents unavoidable or ever truly accidental? At once alarming, entertaining, and hopeful, it offers readers very real and practical lessons for everyday life.

Treason, as we all know, is punishable by death.

Flirting with Disaster : Why Accidents are Rarely Accidental

UK statistics are equally worrisome although getting precise numbers is difficult, he said. Marc Gersteinholds a Masters and Ph. However, it was the OHRP that finally ended the long-running dispute about patient harm in Juneso in another way they played a positive, decisive role in this case.

Product Details Synopsis Chernobyl and Katrina. The natural thing for them to do is to punish them, and punish them severely.

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Can we do anything about these issues? He was sacked for disobeying chairman Peter Brooks by informing shareholders of a takeover approach. We also go to some lengths to hide information that is embarrassing or worse, and we expect our family and close friends to keep these secrets.

Flirting with Disasterprovides a pathway for those who want to foster truthtelling in their organization and head off disasters in the making. Flirting with Disaster provides a pathway for those who want to foster truthtelling in their organization and head off disasters in the making.

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I think that this is an essential part of the solution. Since regulation often involves demands that do not comply with the desires of those who are regulated, cooperative and friendly regulators are a lot more valuable to industry than those who are strict and demanding.

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A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. Under current rules, there is nothing specifically unethical about any of these arrangements.

The prior studies lacked independence, transparency, and did not even involve a review of patient charts until the third investigation in Despite warnings of impending disaster, preemptive action is rarely taken by those who have the ability to do so.