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I am by the river. Let me warn you! Is there anything else weird from Director Chen? And it really happened. I am thinking he killed Mr.

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Niu also makes sure to put his talented cast front-and-center, but not at the expense of experienced actors like Shu Qi and Vicki Zhao, who thankfully anchor the proceedings. Who can tell me why Hsiao Ma is datagridview cellvalidating event dead person and also a suspect?

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Tsai-Tien Chen is not here today, either. I hope it's better to be like that. Director of Vice Squad, please keep an eye on your subordinate. And his vendor business license, which is most important.

I have a question for you. The Beijing segment feels the most complete and entertaining, thanks to Vicki Zhao's strong performance as single mother Xiaoye, plus some sly support from Wang Jingchun as Ge Ting, the cop who helps Xiaoye and Mark navigate their romantic tension.

He just stepped out.

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Classy and super-commercial, this all-star romcom finely balances comedy and drama, and smartly dodges when things get too pretentious or preachy. Back in Taipei, best pals Ni and Chia find their friendship fractured, with still-immature Kai stuck in between.

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So I'm going to make this short. If you need an infographic to chart this near-incestuous web of characters, you're not alone. You didn't run into him?

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The more they do, more severe the crime can be. He isn't related to any case at all. From then on, they became acquaintances, and Xiao Kuan's place serves a place of escape for Rou Yi - a place away from the lights and attention.

As for body parts that we can't distinguish with naked eyes, we do DNA identification.

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You help me find his fake address and information. Which means he has known we know his real ID now. Relationships develop as the film jumps between its Taipei and Beijing locales. Despite possessing the ingredients for a self-involved romance dissertation, Love eschews pretension and keeps epiphanies and self-realization character-specific.

Lee for the packet.

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I am here now. She is in the Cycling Team of her university, and plays the supportive role called the domestique.

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Basically, nothing that occurs in Love is original or inspired, with pretty people and terrific production values intended to shore up the whole shebang. The killer is destroying all the evidence and clues we have.

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Who is giving him inside information from our department? On a trip to BeijingMark meets Xiao Ye.

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Mostly Taipei-set with occasional detours to Beijing, Love features a super-photogenic cast muddling through their love lives, the details of which — if you've ever seen a television drama — should immediately be familiar.

Taiwan idols make a convincing case for screen supremacy with Love, an ensemble romance from director-actor Doze Niu.