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According to Ghica, the owners were shocked to discover that the stable had been used instead to accommodate Maria Constantinescu.

1885 - 1936

Sava when it was offered to him with a rank lower than he had asked. In his belief, Caragiale and other "writers of talent" helped the magazine, which had no "critic of authority" at its helm. Many of the comments added by him to his copy of the book are polemic, sarcastic, or mysterious, onspeeddating event planner the sketches he made on the margin include portrayals of boyars being put to death in various ways, as well as caricatures such as a blazon displaying a donkey's head, which he mockingly assigned to Octav-George Lecca himself.

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For the work it required, as well as for the tiresome obsession to which it had me submitted I bear it no grudge: He was still active within the Germanophile circles, including those who opted for collaborationismand was held in high regard by the occupying forces: Biography Early life A native of Bucharesthe was born out of wedlock to Ion Luca Caragiale and Maria Constantinescu, an unmarried former Town Hall employee [3] who was 21 at the time.

The latter, familiar with Miller Verghy and her circle, recounted that the poverty-stricken but proud Caragiale had asked their common female friend to allow him use of a stable on her property, explaining that he was going to have furniture moved in.

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In support of this, Ion Vianu cites the writer's alleged disdain for his mother, referencing a claim made by the socialite Grigore "Grigri" Ghica.

In Mayhe was present at a banquet in honor of Italian author Filippo Tommaso Marinettithe ideologue of Futurism.

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He courted her for a few months indespite being married to Marica Sion. This is enhanced by his reputation for being a secretive man.

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Carpthe former Conservative leader, asking him to take over rule of the country. To this goal, he approached Internal Affairs Undersecretary Nicolae Ottescu, requesting appointment as prefect, but was refused.

In a late interview, Cella Delavrancea described him as "made up of [ In Junehe raised a green over yellow ensign he created for the Caragiale family at his property in Fundulea.

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