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His limit is to favour the people that has his objective in a sort of spiritual narcissus or interior self contemplation.

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He also addresses the issues of memory and forgetting. According to Della Volpe, against that tradition, and against Hegel, the methodological suppositions and the related critical premises of the theory of communism involve a general orientation which is the practical or historical materialism or communist materialism and a non-abstract atheism.

There are two things which must be borne in mind in connection with Spinoza's conception of knowledge. The Marxist philosophy of Della Volpe, outcast in the next years, will appear in a strong way during the discussion between the Italian Marxists of the Fifty and the first Marxists of the Sixty.

Now the Marxist philosopher sets in the foreground the theme of egalitarian freedom, that, meant as right of each of us in recognizing our own skills, includes the individualistic request of civilian freedom. Materialismo filosofico yahoo dating his students, it is worth to remind: Today Galvano Della Volpe is a philosopher nearly forgotten, he is the forgotten heretic.

His prose resulted twisted, but, after all, he was able to impose a style of thought that appeared not just in the books, but even through his teaching at University in Messina.

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Elaborating these thesis, Della Volpe observes that Hegel conceives of man as conscience of himself. These are works in which Marx, under influence of Feuerbach, point out the theme of human alienation and the abolition of this alienation through Communism.

He won the chair of History of Philosophy at University in Messina, where he stayed all the life long, not for his choice.


Summary[ edit ] The Tractatus was first published inthe year of Spinoza 's death, by some of his closest friends, along with other works including the Ethica and the Tractatus Politicus. On the basis of an original early work of Marx, Della Volpe shows how the fracture of the young Marx about the njplot online dating of dialectic that was theorized by Hegel was previous respect the completion of his scientific work during maturity.

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That is the consequence of his characteristic conception of knowledge. Today it can be considered just an informative work. on search engines

Therefore he turned from Fascist into Communist. Of noble birth thinker, of difficult writing and awful-natured, famous as a seducer, a philosopher head and a life lived outskirts from what it counts in the field of power.

According to the communists he was an materialismo filosofico yahoo dating to keep apart. With his typical style, broken, twisted and with frequent underlines, Della Volpe point out the contradiction that comes up in Rousseau between freedom of people and social equality, between individualistic petition and social petition.

For Spinoza "knowledge" is "life", not in the sense that contemplation is the highest life, but in the sense that knowledge is the means of holding together the threads of life in a systematic unity that can fill its proper place in the cosmic system.

Della Volpe focus on actual characters of the theoretical battle, referring to the problems of technical and work.

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Galvano Della Volpe had a very peculiar position in the Marxist panorama of the first post war. Galvano Della Volpe has been the only theoretical of Marxism who created a school of which the features are still distinguishing.

The starting point is always Rousseau, whom individualism founded on the concept of person, we know, is in contrast with the concept of social equality. Colletti was witness of his last hopes, when he was imagining that Ugo Spirito would have called him in Rome for a chair of Aesthetics.

The terms of science are unambiguous instead the terms of poetic speech can have many senses; between both it is placed the misunderstanding of terms of common language.

The Comrades could rebuke him for an article of him about the aesthetic of tanks, on the page of Primato, the magazine of Bottai.

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Even in this case, the ideas Della Volpe will crash into the politic of Togliatti of common points between liberalism and communism and it will constitute the referring point very important for the internal theoretical discussion of the communist party between end of Fifty and beginning of Sixty.

The work of Della Volpe appears very complex and, sometimes, contradictory, articulated on a plurality of themes and disciplines from history of philosophy to aesthetic, from political philosophy to moral. He exerted a big charm on young students and he interweaved many personal relation with them, too.

He did not have from his side the group of Communist Party.

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As many of the Communist Academics, he had Fascist tendency. He had a good relationship with Rodolfo Mondolfo in Bologna, where he touched tillwhen he passed to University in Messina. He embodied, in the field of contemporary philosophy, the most coherent expression of scientific Marxism and anti-Hegelian.

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On the other hand, the highest expression of willing is experienced in that striving for consistency and harmony which is so characteristic of reason.

On the one hand, reason, for Spinoza, is essentially the "practical reason". In writing, he was not supported by classical strength, the one, to understand, that Lukacs had.

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He was uncompromising towards the previous Italian philosophic culture, he was in touch with a pre-Leninist version of Marxism at beginning of Thirty, but he refused it during the years of research for new ways to exit the Actualism of Gentile.

He was the supporter of a Marx critical radical of Hegel, against the Italian tradition of continuity between Hegel and Marx and, on a national level, of the line that connected De Sanctis, Labriola, Croce, and Gramsci.

The determinate abstraction, in the terminology of Della Volpe, is the strict scientific abstraction, discovered and used by Marx in the field of political economy and, from him, already opposed to the speculative or generic abstraction.

For sure, he was a difficult thinker to collocate.


Anyway, Marxism is a radical alternative, not a development respect that tradition. Pringle-Pattison, Andrew Seth Man always acts according to his lights. He did not regret human contact, idle walks and a stop in a bar or rather: About Diamat the communist of his party, even burning incenses to Gramsci who was not well accepted in Russia, would prefer to fly over in order to not run into the bolts of mother church.

This research aimed at emphasizing of logical-materialistic aspects of philosophic thought, with a very hard critical about any shape of mysticism, romanticism, lay or Christian humanitarian, and a strong reference to the topics of work, technical, organization.

It contains, in addition, reflection upon the various kinds of knowledge, an extended treatment of definition, and a lengthy analysis of the nature and causes of doubt. Not less interesting, and problematic at the same time, is the attempt for renewing the Marxist tradition that Della Volpe undertakes on the field of poetic theory.

Rousseau, compared to the Platonic-Christian and justice naturalistic tradition, has the merit, according to Della Volpe, of having turned it lay. Therefore Della Volpe leads a modernizing operation very understandable in his purposes. He was student of Rodolfo Mondolfo and received, in the twenty, the influence of Actualism of Gentile, to reach the communism of Marx in There were a few pages, exactly three, of which he could not understand anything.

Aesthetic and Philosophy, Politic, Materialism, Linguistic and, of course, good readings.