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She denies her old feelings, claiming she has forgotten about them, but Gyeom has not. Eventually, Saimdang and her group of drifters are able to recreate the formula for the lost Goryeo paper, making her and the drifters wealthy.

Despite being amassing great wealth, Saimdang's marriage is falling apart, both from her husband having an affair and her sole focus on painting.

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Lee Gyeom heads off to Mount Geumgang to join Saimdang as she has gone to paint there, something she has wished since childhood. After his wife stages a scheme tiranti filettati dating rescue Princess Jeongsun, Min Chi-Hyung is set free, but now winds augenkontakt flirten via sms living a commoner's life as former officers scorn him.

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Saimdang meets and falls in love with Lee Gyeom, a member of the royal family, while enjoying the life of a commoner and an artist as well. Meanwhile, in present timeline, Seo Ji-yoon feels strange things about the portrait of Saimdang.

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The King is portrayed as paranoid to losing his throne, and losing control of government to factions. To survive through financial hardship, Saimdang gathers a bunch of homeless and starving drifters to open a paper mill, with the ultimate goal of producing Goryeo paper, a famous high-quality paper whose formula has been lost.

Past timeline[ edit ] The story begins years ago in the Joseon era.

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At a conference, a student named Han Sang-hyun challenges her on that authenticity question, which Ji-yoon deflected, citing she needs time to ensure its authenticity. Min Chi-Hyung is now a high-ranking, but corrupt official may cau dang xuc dating married Choi Wheiumdang, now also an artist and head of the mother's organization at the prestigious Jungbu School.

After a tearful farewell to Saimdang, Lee Gyeom then heads to a boat, starting a long voyage that ultimately leads him to settle in BolognaItaly.

However, through a series of mishaps, both by the King and the main antagonists Min Chi-Hyung a corrupt merchant and Choi Wheiumdang originally a jealous tavern girl, whose affections are ignored by Lee Gyeomresults in Shin Myung-hwa being executed by the King and Saimdang marrying a simple-minded scholar named Lee Won-su.

Min Chi-Hyung is exiled for his numerous crimes, with Choi Wheiumdang having to find a way to rescue her husband. She also has a good family life, with supportive husband Jung Min-seok, a wealthy businessman, and mother-in-law Kim Jung-hae. Saimdang's marriage puts Lee Gyeom in despair, storming away to ultimately live a wayward life for 20 years, rejecting numerous requests of marriage from the royal family.

It seems like they are connected in some way. Ji-yoon reveals to Saimdang that Lee Gyeom managed to stay alive and escaped to Italy, which encourages Saimdang to stage an assault to rescue him.

Present timeline[ edit ] Seo Ji-yoon, a lecturer in art history at Hankuk University, [5] seems to have everything she wants. She is about to finish her PhD, supervised by renowned professor Min Jung-hak, which would ultimately lead to a faculty position at the university.

Reeling from her personal and professional life crises, serendipity comes into play on the roads of Italy when Ji-yoon stumbles upon a diary mentioning the Geumgangsando painting, leading her to discover the painting of Shin Saimdang by accident.

At a conference in BolognaItaly, Prof. Things escalate when Saimdang offers to draw the King's portrait, who recognises her to be the daughter of the deceased Shin Myung-Hwa.

Saimdang, in her despair, has a strange vision. En route on the road to execution, a group of Lord Uiseong's supporters confront the royal guards, attempting to break Lee Gyeom free.

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Lee Gyeom then confronts King Jungjong almost killing him, but chooses to flee instead. As bad as Ji-yoon's situation is, her life continues to crumble, when her husband goes into hiding, amassing unpaid debts as a result of a competitor's illegal business maneuvers in a desperate measure for his business to survive.

Lee Gyeom keeps his artistic life in Italy, while living in a manor house called "Siesta di Luna" a name inspired by one of Saimdang's quotes about the Moon. The diary also sheds light about Saimdang, who not only strongly resembles Ji-yoon but seems to be intricately linked to her.

Min devises a scheme to cite her for disciplinary action, terminating her position at the university.

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Meeting between Ji-yoon and Saimdang[ edit ] Lee Gyeom finally turns himself in and accepts the death penalty. As there would be no excuse for this action, the guard chooses to commit suicide.

Saimdang finally confesses her love for Lee Gyeom, but chooses not to run away with him for the sake of not abandoning her children. For her PhD thesis, she is assigned to research a recently discovered painting Geumgangsando by An Gyeonscheduled to be displayed as national treasure under the auspices of Min Jung-hak.

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Synopsis[ edit ] A Korean university art history lecturer Lee Young-ae discovers the long-lost diary of a historical figure, unraveling the secret behind a recently uncovered, mysterious ancient painting as well as a look into the extraordinary life led by Shin Saimdang also played by Leea renowned poet-artist in the Joseon era.

However, Ji-yoon's discoveries seem to doubt the authenticity of the painting. Their love quickly blossoms, ultimately with Lee Gyeom asking Shin Myung-hwa for his daughter's hand in marriage.

Despite having to raise a family and working tirelessly to make ends meet, Saimdang revives her dormant artistic talents, becoming a renowned painter.

Ji-yoon's answer casts doubt on the art world, humiliating Min Jung-hak, who opts to quickly sabotage her career path in retaliation.

Finally, in an accident, Seo Ji-yoon and Saimdang meet in an undetermined world.

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However, her husband, being a gullible scholar who could not pass the national exam for 20 years, is scammed, leaving her to spend all her savings to buy a decrepit house.

Two years later, things have gone south. Lee Gyeom, after travelling the world, returns to Hanyang, only to find that King Jungjong now distrusts him. At that time, despite her youth, Shin Saimdang quickly gains a reputation as a talented artist yet notoriously daring girl, going as far as climbing walls to sneak into other people's houses.

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The head of the royal guards, who is fond of Uiseong and disagreed with the King's execution order, lets the supporters go ahead and free him.

Ji-yoon starts to fight an uphill battle to clear her name and prove her prowess by finding the real Geumgangsando painting, while also struggling with financial hardship and continual pressure from Min Jung-hak to prevent her from succeeding.

He meets up with Saimdang, fulfilling their dream of drawing the Geumgangsando together.