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As they stop for a rest, Lucy confesses that she is unsure of everyone's current whereabouts, but says that they should try and aim for Margaret Town, where Lamia Scale is located, as someone moved to their guild some time ago.

As the trio internet dating profile templates for women face to face with a human Carlaa shady group is waiting in the shadows with malicious plans.

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Concurrently, from the shadows, a group watch the Lamia Scale parade come to an end, commenting that soon they shall start their judgement on Lamia Scale with a bloodfest.

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On cue, a small girl with cat ears appears behind the trio and greets them. Password must be at least 8 characters long. Characters in Order of Appearance.

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Please choose something different. Lucy decides to humour him with a short sparring match so that she can demonstrate her own improved powers, but, after seeing Natsu take out a group of thieves on the outskirts of the town from their current location within it, she rethinks her offer.

Fairy Tail - Read Fairy Tail 420 Online

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Along the way, Natsu comments that he is disappointed by the lack of action after his return, as he misses the old chaotic days spent with the guild. Email Your email is required, please fill out this field.

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Username can only contain alphanumeric characters a-z and Once you make the account, you can use your social media account to log in instantly in the future. With the show over, Happy begins to wonder where Carla is, as she wasn't with Wendy on stage.

Username must be at least 3 characters long. That email is already associated with a different account. From a crowd outside the guildhall, Lucy and Natsu watch as LyonToby and Ooba all perform for the town before Wendy and Sherria take to the stage to perform a music number.

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Shocked to see her now as a member of Lamia Scale, Natsu vows to rescue Wendy from "the dark side", though Lucy comments that Wendy is fine with the other guild and her friend Sherria, as many of the Fairy Tail members moved to other guilds in order to find work.

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There, they watch as Wendy now a member of Lamia Scale and the other guild members put on a show for their Thanksgiving parade.

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Username cannot be more than 28 characters long. Contents [ show ] Summary Lucy, Natsu and Happy make their way out of Crocus and head south as they begin their journey to seek out the other scattered members of Fairy Tail.