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It was well known in the New England area. Despite reports of them having an acrimonious relationship it was revealed that they now have a civil relationship for the sake of their son.

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A source close to the couple said: Bridget and Tom had been at odds for almost a year before they broke up. It was only when they were headed for a breakup that she mcg dating bridget moynahan pregnant after mcg dating bridget moynahan it known she wanted a baby.

Anon Ahh Gislut and her groupies trying to make the Brazilian airhead look better by trashing Bridget. Amberellla Honestly its silly and petty to pit others against each other. Bridget made a choice to get pregnant and have the child. Brady has also moved on, marrying supermodel Giselle Bundchen last year.

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When you're suddenly pregnant and no one is standing by your side, it's a hard conversation. He used his main enabler Will McD to arrange everything …. Something to smile about: Giselea She seems like a true American Beauty. Gracie was very accurate with her post and the facts.

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At least Gisele doesnt talk bad about others. Seems to me everyone wins here. Tom knew Bridget was pregnant when he started dating Gislut — he was cheating on Bridget with Gislut!

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He was blindsided by the news while vacationing in Europe in February of The couple have a one-year-old son called Benjamin together. At the same time, he was publicly stating he was not ready for kids and settling down. Everyone has moved on so I think the public needs to as well.

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Hope it lasts forever and you have as many more children as you want. It is always good to know the truth of the facts. I see you know all about classy… unclassyhag yeah real classy.

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They cannot stand the fact that Bridget upgraded! Tom Brady and Bridget dated for two years but the relationship ended soon after she became pregnant with her now three-year-old son John She said: Tom Brady had his best days when he was with her, he will never have.

Its best to move on and find a new man, Im glad she is doing so. Gisele babysits John while the mom gets a hot new romance. If you keep onto it, you will age yourself and only be miserable and stay single.

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The pair now seem to have a good, working co-parental relationship. Bridget and Charlie's Angels director McG are said to be 'really happy' together despite having to juggle a bi-coastal relationship Moynahan had famously dated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for two years but broke up in late soon after she became pregnant.

But, she is a bit older than 39…it was reported that she was almost 37 when she became pregnant. Bridget, who first made her name as Mr Big's wife Natasha in the Sex and the City TV series has talked about being 'heartbroken and pregnant' and found it scary in the early days of raising her son alone.

This kind of thing happens everyday in normal life and most women get over it well the mature classy kind anyways.


I think thats far more classy than having to put other peoples names into your mouth just to get attention. Kary Gracie, thank you very much for your comments. Although willing to raise her toddler on her own it seems she may not have some help on her hands with famed director-producer McG, 42, coming into her life.

This is Bridget's first serious relationship since splitting with Tom Brady while she was pregnant with their son John who's now three years old.

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Tomcad and Gislut did the world tour of PDA while the mother of his child was pregnant and then ignored the mother and baby until public pressure pushed him into seeing his son. She had publicly stated she wanted to settle and have kids, that the clock was ticking.

Bridget is the best!

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Share or comment on this article: I thought only celebs got written up on?! The new couple were recently spotted together at a charity tennis tournament in California at the Costa Mesa Wood Racquet Classic.

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No wonder she never hit her stride in Hollywood. Tom should not have been expected to run back and hover for 9 months. Thank God this woman found a man.