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Media sonic hw180stb homeworx hook up, this posting has been deleted by its author.

I almost always have to turn the box off and back on to initialize the connection to my external hard drive to get my new recordings to play on the box.


I am not the recording collector type so not a big deal to me. A small counterweight would help or I might move it under the TV which might solve that problem. All of these are handy features. There are several minor annoying glitches with the interface. I hooked up a 1T hard drive and will be testing that part the next few days.

Another thing worth mentioning is size, it isn't a space hog and that's a plus for me.

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New by friend2jesus May 21, Like it, works well, good value. Some distant channels might not always scan but they will tune in occasionally. Easy to hook up with HDMI cable and programming was simple.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Or media sonic hw180stb homeworx hook up from the EPG or use the Timer for later. I would tend to do this from a laptop if I planned to keep the show.

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The value to me is very good, if it's something you want or need then that price is very reasonable New by uslar-0yxtpjdmf Dec 07, Great and easy Ordered the pvr receiver and got it in two days.

I find that if I have several shows on timer record it might not get them all. The biggest thing is that after the scan, you can't manually punch in a channel that was not scanned.

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My old box allowed this. I can recommend it from my experience. You can hit record and stop it later. The price for what it does is wonderful. Everything is positive, nothing negative to report.

The Channel Scan works great, especially since I got a 50 mile antenna. I was slow on getting the setup but that was just me as usual. It is very small and light.

You can't just scan for new channels. I think my old box was a little better. Changing Channels is slow and clunky.

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As a bonus it is also a recorder. I was considering setting up a VCR before this. It displays our OTA channels and records the ones of them I set up for record.

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I need to contact customer service and get them to email a firmware upgrade as I understand that they will do. But the unit either did not record a show that was scheduled or it recorded only part of the show.

I guess my biggest question now is how long it will last. You can rename them but I haven't tried yet. It might have to do with the date change after midnight but I need to test more. On this box you gave to go back and do a full scan to test this.

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Military time only and Recording times have to be punched in, not scrolled. I would like to just hit record and then tell it how long but I don't see this option.

No show name or episode number. I need to try another drive that I have that has it's own power to see if that helps.

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But they do play fine from my laptop too. The remote is taking me forever to learn without looking, which tells me that it is either not intuitive or I am getting Alzheimers. I found it fairly easy to set up and to schedule shows to record.

I like my Mediasonic box very well. The naming convention of recorded files is channel, date and time.

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If the shows that were scheduled to be recorded played properly I would have liked the device. The major benefit over my old box is a very big one.

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This little box was just the answer. With Cables attached to it this causes it to want to tilt upward making using the remote a little tricky.