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Communication Teacher, 24 3 Finally, we will investigate how online dating sites like eHarmony integrate scientific principles of communication and how well they apply to URT.

Most notably, information seeking strategies and disclosure based on mutual openness were highly consistent trends.

Building meaningful relationships online

This means that if the virtual listener is doubtful or unclear about the meaning of the message received, there is a tendency to see it as positive tricia ronan dating sites attribute a positive meaning to it.

This original URT was supplemented by Berger by including that humans tend to reduce uncertainty by utilizing one or all of the three strategies: This supports URT because as we disclose more and trust others, we develop stronger relationships.

Haley Cromer Overall, people are more likely to create a more likable and desirable perception of themselves because they technically have nothing to lose. Our consultants not only have many years of experience, but are also dedicated to the regular honing of their skills and keeping current on the innovations in By Suzanne Phillips, Psy.

Their process uses the following guidelines: In relation to URT, we see that users who perceived successful relationships did in fact disclose more information as the interaction went on.

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Want to hear the best advice on dating? However, research papers did suggest that blacks tended to practice more interrogation than whites. For instance, users tended to disclose more information as the other person divulged theirs. There were also other notable results.

Computer mediated communication: Online dating and uncertainty reduction

In addition, in that same study, both the text-only couples and the online with a webcam couples made more intimate self-disclosures and asked more intimate questions than the couples speaking face-to face. Online dating has jumped among adults under age 25 as well as those in their late 50s and early 60s.

According to Gibbsusers experienced higher levels of perceived success when only positive information was disclosed. The Virtual Listener In the case of most people meeting through on-line dating sites, there is the wish to find a potential match.

Homophily in online dating: when do you like someone like yourself?

Even with the absence of visual cues, users within a controlled environment still tended to exhibit behavior similar to FtF interaction. Computer mediated communication effects this by the ways in which the people communicate with each other and how they choose to do that. Face to face interaction In meeting new people FtF, we tend to engage in behaviors that reduce our uncertainty about the other person.

Dating, Sex and Marriagethere seems ample evidence that not only does computer mediated communication emails, texts, etc. It was even found that virtual listeners in on-line communication exchanges gave more weight to self-disclosures than actual listeners in face-to-face exchanges.

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As technology has forced how we communicate and find mates to change rapidly, classical theories on interaction like URT still apply. Online dating apps such as Tinder have an observable effect on the younger generations; Haley Cromer they place more value on casual hook ups, people have become more superficial regarding looks, are less inclined to show their real selves Madeline Fichtner and present a fabricated version of themselves online, and hide behind their screens as a defense mechanism from their true identity Madeline Fichtner.

Facebook relationships Facebook relationships thrive on the level of intimacy within self-disclosure. You want a wonderful, real relationship not just a virtual one.

Homophily in online dating

In a demographic context, Gudykunst argued that there were no major differences in how both men and women reduced uncertainty. Take Home Messages These findings underscore the value of and even potential benefits of online dating as a preface to in-person meeting and dating.

The interactive strategy of engaging in information seeking behavior is by far the most important aspect of reducing uncertainty. Consequently, while the context for communication is entirely different in an online setting, the means and social processes involved in developing friendships was still consistent.

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Computer mediated communication fosters new relationships This research implies that even as early inthe internet and CMC did foster the development of new relationships that eventually extended out of the scope of online interaction.

This will allow us to analyze exactly how applicable URT is to CMC settings and how well the dating service tailors to the different context of communication.

Relevant terminology Firstly, it is important to define relevant terms and premises that will aid our discussion. However, the type of disclosure was the major distinction.

Online Dating, Communication and Intimacy: Surprising Findings

Indeed, this increased the overall use of uncertainty reduction strategies. Moreover, with the ability of any individual to lie about their identities and present themselves in a completely inaccurate way, online dating can be a dangerous game Haley Cromer. Basically, the extent to which URT applied to the results was based on security issues.