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Lakatos also challenges other thinkers flirten lernen mathematik scientific history, naming how their different explanations of scientific movement falls short, miss-explains theories and massages meanings and histories in service of their pet theory.

Objects of science are assumed to have an existence and consistency independent of what we observe of them.

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The debate that surrounded that distinction amid the turmoil of increasing technology and religious unrest eventually flipped around: Can we know anything? At times, Lakatos also slips into the terminology he uses, applies them to other scientific philosophers, although that is dependent on what other researchers think and find and eventually collaborate as well.

He also explains how his teacher Popper formulated the scientific method through language rather than classical induction and why we should consider science as being metodos filosoficos yahoo dating than formulations in language although Popper disagrees -- that scientific theories are only different consistencies in language surprisingly much like Deleuze and Guattari's plateaus.

Infatti, a detta di Lakatos, la storia della scienza necessita per forza di una ricostruzione razionale, nonostante al suo interno siano disseminate una serie di episodi in cui la ricerca sembri procedere secondo ipotesi ad hoc, comunque contemplate dai programmi di ricerca ma avverse agli scienziati stessi che le hanno elaborate, oppure secondo intuizioni appartenenti teorie rivali: Hegel pensava che l'inglese Newton avesse pervertito la profonda e ineffabile visione del suo eroe Kepler, il mistico tedesco, forzandola nel letto di Procuste di vuote formule matematiche.

To be clear, Lakatos highlights what moves thinkers and scientists made and perhaps why, and what moves they could have made and what meaning they generated distinguished from the meaning they didn't generate.

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The examination of the flip, and the proper aesthetic form that scientific theory can be generated -- namely via scientific method -- is the subject of inquiry in this short but very very dense book. With this flip, after the revolution of special and general relativity, scientific theory became the norm rather than dogmatic scientific truth.

The actual knowledge, epistemes, were favored over "opinions" or doxa. In short, this book is pretty packed with terminology and illustrations of those terminologies. With this flip, after the revolution of special and gene After the enlightenment, people started to seriously make a distinction that how they distinguished what they really knew from what was really going on around them.

Lakatos basically asks the question, through scientific inquiry: Stalin pensava che la scienza proletaria, socialista, fosse superiore a quella borghese: Really Lakatos falls into the idealist who believes that we can know everything a positive maybe for Lakatos People are also assumed to have an existence and will independent of what we observe of them.

I romantici, da Rousseau attraverso Fichte, Coleridge ed Hegel fino a Hitler, Stalin, Sartre, Heidegger e Marcuse hanno visto la scienza con occhi diversi da quelli degli scienziati.

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Lakatos is talking about how we might construct a view of the world around us that is reasonable, the most accurate view. La falsificazione e la metodologia dei programmi di ricerca scientifici - 2.

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Particolarmente interessante il seguente paragrafo: In a way, this book is more philosophical than metaphysics, or doxa or opinions Lakatos examines how different critiques determine how the line should be drawn, be the line negative through the lack of connection between phenomenon or should it be drawn through what degree of unfitting the phenomenon before we should consider the distinction wrong See, really, how we know things is pretty important, and why we should know one it through one theory vs another theory changes how we can coexist together in the final context, to best get along with one another.

And if we can, how can we think we know it or at least feel justified that this is the best we can do? You can imagine how much thinking, research and effort this must have taken. So in a way, this too is applicable to people, although we shouldn't experiment on them.


What I mean to point out is that the forms of this book can be worked through a variety of life situations, as a kind of guide to how to understand what is going on.

Fallibilismo e falsificazionismo - c Il falsificazionismo metodologico sofisticato e il falsificazionismo ingenuo.

Slittamenti di problema progressivi e regressivi. This is a sophistication far from what people are taught in school as being what a justifiable belief is.

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