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Why Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg Are Two Totally Different Actors

Still, I look forward to more serious roles from Eisenberg. He's also not totally unique Getty Images It may be because they have the same curly cropped locks and beady brown eyes—or that they both peaked around the same second hand markowe ubrania online dating with similar on-screen dispositions—but people seem to have trouble telling Cera and Jesse Eisenberg apart.

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Here is where can ask what it is all about! Or read our posts in our daily e-mail. First, there was Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, a middling success that failed to live up to expectations despite largely positive reviews.

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He's turned to other avenues with mixed results Getty Images As he's shied away from the Hollywood spotlight, Cera has turned to other avenues of his craft. I mean, I like acting, you know. Playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a foot in the door to more Oscar-contender leads. Cera, on the other hand, happily continues in non-serious roles.

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I applaud Eisenberg for breaking away from the typecast so quickly. I might really have to stop and think before I make decisions now, and see how they're going to affect my life, and see if it's what I want to be doing with my life. Who will come out victorious?

You see, there were two different floppy-haired, disaffected, mildly sarcastic young actors playing very similar roles: Besides Juno, his most well-known project is still Arrested Development.

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Fundraising posts will also be redirected to an appropriate subreddit. In addition to voicing one of the leads in the raunchy animated hit Sausage Party, he also contributed his cords to The Lego Batman Movie as Robin, opposite his Arrested Development uncle Will Arnett and a cartoon comedy called Blazing Samurai.

This information, more than anything, started the Cera backlash. But that took a turn aroundwhen he suffered from a series of box-office duds Scott Pilgrim vs. Here's why you don't seem onscreen as much anymore…and how he might turn it around.

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Biggest Embarrassment on Resume Cera: Please report spam, fundraising links, and comments that are against reddiquette. Pressed with a choice, viewers — grown-up ones, anyway — seemed to embrace Mr.

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A place to put self-posts for discussion, questions, or anything else you like. The World, in "Scott Pilgrim vs. Eisenberg has had his own career hiccups, to be sure, but he's successfully moved his image into new territories while still claiming roles that might otherwise be squarely in Cera's territory.

He's also been quietly coupling his musical interests with his film work by scoring several films and shorts, including Paper Heart and his own writer-directorial short film effort, Failure.

He's also not totally unique

He's one of the funniest people I know. Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: So the question emerges: And while Cera has struggled to shed his perceived persona, Eisenberg showed a lot more versatility, thanks in part to his Oscar-nominated run as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

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He's been heard and not seen at times Getty Images Long before he became a household name, Cera steadily booked voiceover work, taping recurring roles in children's shows like Rollie Pollie Olie and Braceface, so the fact that he's since returned to that arena isn't a surprise.

Entertainment stories have often pitted the two actors against each other.

Jesse Eisenberg vs Michael Cera

There's also the matter of the flops Getty Images Superbad and Juno were lightning in a bottle, but Cera's had trouble striking again when it comes to selling those signature goofy screen antics to audiences. He seems to be chasing the Oscar-bait roles, starring in films like The Social Network.

And sometimes it goes like this: If you want to increase your exposure to niche subreddits, or just your perspective on things on the web in general, serendipity might help you do that. Because if he didn't win, his mom would murder us. And while that attitude is understandable, to be sure, it's not hard to imagine him shying away from the kind of elbow-rubbing situations that might make or break a young actor's career chances.

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A tie, with 4 for Eisenberg, 4 for Cera and 3 ties. The quirky show about a dysfunctional family won five Emmy awards, including one for Outstanding Comedy Series, in They aren't all that dissimilar. She and Cera obviously made a choice not to plaster their relationship all over social media, which meant that they also weren't grabbing the kind of headlines that might draw a gossip-fiending civilian to the ticket booth for either of their flicks.

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His latest film role is a self-skewering literally turn in This Is the End, playing himself as a coked-out scumbag. Eisenberg has since shown us his range, though. He's not fame-hungry Getty Images As cutthroat as the film business tends to be, there are few actors who have the combination of foresight and industry gumption that it takes to really "make it" in the movie industry.

The Canadian actor even laughed off being a victim of a mugging while he was filming Crystal Fairy in Chile. Over the past few days, the interview has gone weirdly viral.

Why Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg Are Two Totally Different Actors

Which proves that they might very well be the same person after all. I also applaud Cera for sticking with it. Then there was that guy from the Facebook movie—what was his name?

Canadian; parents worked for Xerox Eisenberg: After all, there's always money in the banana stand. There also remains the prospect of a fifth season of Arrested Development.

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Share this post on Facebook or wherever: Back in the pick-your-slacker heyday, when Eisenberg and Cera were competing for the affection of the mass audience, Cera started with an advantage. But the momentum for his movies didn't hold up as well as producers probably hoped, as his films mostly fizzled out with audiences.

After that, Year One tanked with reviewers and audiences alike, Paper Heart was barely seen by anyone, and Youth in Revolt barely made back its production budget, despite positive reviews and Cera's face to front the film. If you are feeling suicidal NOW, please read this.