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Thanks about the beard! Frentis Shaving it off has always been my fall back plan if I have to disguise myself. Someone did offer me a large sum of money for all of my models and buildings, even though they are not set up as a complete town. Other films in his filmography include Americanese, Megiddo: And lastly, that's a spectacular beard.

Seriously, no one would recognize me.

Masked and A (2003)

I'm glad I took this project on because it is a never ending source of learning and challenges. Michael Paul Chan What made you interested in photography?

Why pay money when you can find so much in the trash. Digital cameras were just coming out and I bought a cheap one for the job.

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When I started to make my models back in the mid s, I wanted to document them. But it is amazing what a lowly X-acto knife can actually do.

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I do have plans for a George Jetson type building that I know will take at least 4 months to construct because it is a completely new building using unique parts. But here I am now with a complete town that represents the s through the mid s, that can only be viewed on the web.

I have been approached by collectors who have inquired about having a custom made building created for them and they asked what such a model would cost. On closer inspection it was the correct scale for window screening on a model house. Over the years I have learned many different building techniques, along with becoming a better "photographer".

Proof and you can check out my website here. The learning curve was steep for me because I was also learning how to use a computer.

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As for the physical obstacles I hadn't even given the project a name. I've been working on Elgin Park since I recently was given an original Lincoln Logs kit and although it was very nostalgic, there was only so much I could do with it. Each building takes about 3 to 4 weeks to design and construct because I only have basic hand held tools such as X-acto knives, sanding blocks and small hand held manual drills.

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But like most creative processes, there are down times built into each endeavor. Frentis The photography happened by accident. IKingJeremy Good question and it's multi layered so I'll try to be clear.

Michael Paul Chan

When the collection got to overwhelming, it occurred to me that creating miniature versions of these things could be an interesting project. It was a sad realization. Considerable thought was given to this offer, but ultimately I turned it down because I am still using everything piece to create new scenes.

One of his more notable film roles was as the convenience store owner in the film Falling Down, where he refused to give a discount to Michael Douglas' character when he attempted to purchase a can of soda to get change for the pay telephone outside the store.

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IKingJeremy Actually, the project is still evolving. If anything, the spray paint is the most costly item. So, Ask Me Anything!

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I'm here today to talk about my work, my life, or anything you want to know. That sounds like a lot, but such a project would take at least 4 months to complete, and that includes working weekends. The short version is: A few days ago I came across some gift package ribbon that was made of mesh.

A Sony 6 megapixel.