CoolMiniOrNot Base System Featuring Micro Art Studio by CMON — Kickstarter CoolMiniOrNot Base System Featuring Micro Art Studio by CMON — Kickstarter

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The second piece is a black satin base, with a recessed center that holds the insert.

Looking for bases? Then you have come to the right place!

The first piece is a highly detailed terrain insert. I love Terry Pratchett who doesn't?

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They also come in all the usual shapes and sizes you get bases in round, square, big, small, whatever. Micro Art Studio is a company based in Poland [insert your own joke about plumbers and van drivers here that the British will find funny, the polish will find mildly offensive and all others will be indifferent to] ok, thats got that out of the way Having skulls on your bases is a great way to make your troops looks awesome and imposing on the battlefield and using resin bases like these certainly works out cheaper than using individual plastic skulls.

They are rather expensive and pretty much redundant because GW new plastic Micro art studio bases of dating troll gives you the option to make much nicer troll variants along the same lines.

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The CoolMiniOrNot system is actually two pieces. Image from Micro Art Studio We will ship your rewards at our cost to our international hubs. Now, let me slink back to my broken throne and return to my thoughts of domination and warpstone and cheese, as teatime approaches It is the skittering of verminous feet over the tumbled ruins of our defeated enemies.

Pirates and freebooters feel right at home on these weathered planks. Since we have a lot of experience delivering Kickstarter projects, we don't believe this is in the least bit likely - we've successfully delivered Zombicide, Sedition Wars, Guilds of Cadwallon, Zombicide Season 2 first and second waveRivet Wars first waveand Kaosball.

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By molding our bases in plastic, CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art Studio are giving you the most bases for the least amount of money currently offered in the miniature hobby. Not only does the quality and versatility of the final product improve, but the cost to the end user decreases.

I haven't used anything of theirs before, but from what I can see they have an amazing range of high-quality bases to fit just about any scenario or need.

Now, I doubt that I will be able to paint this up to the level found in the image on the Micro Art Studio website This also gives you more stretch goodies sa find girls possibly a choice of carrier options.

Here are our rough shipping estimates to locations around the world: Later on an equivalent species of wood was found at a university in Hokkaido, which had been growing them for medical research, eliminating the need for Swiss ingredients in a Japanese watch.

Micro Art Studio Ancient Base Planking Wooden flooring, overgrown with moss and lichen. We've unlocked the Graveyard Base Design for all backers, meaning it's now one of the available options for you to pledge for! We've unlocked the Temple Base Design for all backers, meaning it's now one of the available options for you to pledge for!


Please refer to our individual project pages if you'd like to check the progress there. The following images reveal what goes on at the Micro Artist Studio, depicting a batch of Eichi II watches as they are completed.

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There are 30mm so in theory they will fit in perfectly with your Mordheim collection. Plastic and resin models will no longer require pinning, but can be attached easily and permanently with a small amount of superglue. Applying the finishing touch to the polished bevels on the movement bridge of a Credor Eichi II with a stick of Gentian wood Painting the hour markers and logo on the porcelain dial of the Credor Eichi II, using an extremely fine brush produced by a maker of cosmetics brushes in Hiroshima.

Chaos These molten rocks, detailed with massive chains and hooks, are perfect for your evil wizards and infernal monsters.

Micro Art Studio

The separate insert makes for easy casting of highly detailed terrain. I am particularly interested in the range of movement trays.

If you haven't already done so, definitely jump over to Micro Art Studio. The round bases like the ones I got contain a mixture of human and alien read Tyranid knock-off skulls which gives some pretty cool variation. Each project is entirely independent of each other, with completely different development teams.

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Overall Micro Art Studio is a mixed barrel with some great products and some We've unlocked the Pipeworks Base Design for all backers, meaning it's now one of the available options for you to pledge for! What is that sound?? View the details of the Wraithstone Base Design here: Questions about this project?

Since the recessed base is molded in the black satin finish most gamers use, you won't have to paint that piece at all. We have four ongoing projects currently: See the full details on the Temple bases here: They look pretty good from a distance but kinda oddly textured and misshapen up close.

At this stretch everyone will be receiving 1 extra 50mm base for each Set they've pledged for. See full details on all these lovely bases here: Skull Bases I bought 2 packs of these 5 bases per pack from a gaming shop in the Netherlands with the aim of using them to mount my Bloodletters.

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This two part system creates a cohesive and beautiful base for your miniatures. Here are a couple of photos: Do you hear it? The terrain insert can be primed and painted separately from the base.

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No touching up chipped base edges after a battle! The black base is a durable polystyrene. A closeup of the movement inside the Credor Eichi II A crucial quality of the watches made at the Micro Artist Studio is movement decoration, which is executed to a standard that rivals the very best in Switzerland.

Iron Brotherhood those of you who might be looking for Adeptus Mechanicus miniatures might be interested in the Iron Brotherhood line, in addition to the guys above, they have various other partly mechanical robed figures including a guy with awesome looking mechanical steam-punk-ish wings.

The wings are also available separately as part of Micro Art's Conversion Lab range also in the Conversion Lab range are nice little sprues of heads like the one above which are very useful if your converting a character model and need a unique head. Some of you will remember that this is the base that was arranged for me by Maelstrom Games as they had sent me a model without a base, necessitating a long and drawn-out series of emails about a replacement.

Stretch Goals As usual, we have a few stretch goals we plan to reveal after we've hit our funding goal.

Micro Art Studio Bases

We've unlocked the Ancient Base Design for all backers, meaning it's now one of the available options for you to pledge for!

Molded in Plastic When CoolMiniOrNot and Micro Art teamed up to create the next generation of bases, we looked at all the possibilities and found that molding in plastic was an exciting alternative to molding in resin.

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Subsequently he learnt about the Credor Eichi II, which he immediately fell in love with.