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For some unknown reason, he has taken to hanging around with the richest kid in school, basically a trusting, nice guy who Tatsuya is out to destroy. Stuck in a stifling home environment with her pianist mother who disdains her desire to compose, the obedient young woman begins to change after a chance meeting with Tatsuya, while he seems to regain some of his humanity in his interaction with her.

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Due to the orcs modus operandi, he has only saved girls so far orcs kills immediately boys, and toy with girls before killing themand orcs do their job a good chunk of the named cast has been raped already. Hideaki Takizawa in the starring role of Tatsuya, a tormented college student who was once an all-around nice guy but now seems to be balancing a gigantic grudge on his shoulder.

The mc also helps juniors to level their initial levels the "first level" is incredibly weak, and that's the reason of why most of the students have been killed ; high schoolers don't do that.

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Watchers An adaptation of Ishihara Shintaro's most successful novel. What the grudge is has yet to be revealed, although it likely has something to do with his father and the poverty that plagues his life.

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Checked this eons ago lured by the artist for what I remember. Complicating the plot further is Tatsuya's run-in with a young composer and pianist, who has a limp sustained in a car accident many years before.

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Basically, the oldest ones in the group are "using him"; promoting him as a hero and as a chosen one and whatnot, which created unity among the group and increased their feelings of hope and wanting to survive through the crisis.

I figured the author was keeping things pure between heroes since most of the cast are jailbaits - The middle schoolers would have been completely wiped out if not for him. The MC has problems connecting with people due to the emotional bagagge that he carries. He feels an uncontrollable urge to deface the rich kid's new car and chase after his fiance.

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Pretty much every person living with him is in love with him it's a great numberthe mc has only allowed "close" 2 girls to the point I had read, and relationships are kept pretty pure I think the farthest he went was just bathtub skinship, sometimes it looks like he is going to cross a line, but he never does.

She, too, is rich, although Tatsuya does not know it yet.