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The author very beautifully talks about the kustom amp dating elements that shape the survival of a broke, shattered and soul-bruised women. Download Milk and Honey Epub Now and start reading this amazing novel from today.

I loved the poems which promoted feminism and the idea that women are art, and they were so well done. She is an internationally proclaimed writer that has authored many best seller books, most of all that is a collection of poetry and prose.

Milk And Honey Epub Plot And Review:

Authored by poetess and author Rupi Kuar, the book is a collection of symphonies, poems and prose. I know many people comment on the fact that this book of poetry is similar to that of 'Tumblr Poetry'. The book is basically a collection of poems and proses and has been divided into four basic chapters.

The book is very realistic and brutally honest, yet very subtle and painfully artistic. Rupi is best known for her beautiful and artistic written expression that has the power to make the readers visualize everything they are reading.

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Rupi attributes her creativity to her mother — who had encouraged her to express art and creative skills since at an early age of 5. About Author Rupi Kaur: I agree, but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing.

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The book is an international success and is well-received by audiences all around the world. Kaur pours her heart out on every page, and I'm just so beyond grateful that she decided to share her sanctuary of hurt and healing with us.

I believe that words are art, and no matter what platform it is on and no matter how angsty it isit is still that: These include lust, love, passion, violence, loss, abuse and above all femininity that holds it all together.

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The theme of the book is based on human survival — most particularly of women. I genuinely think this is the book that I will turn to after I suffer my first heartbreak. The words that lay on the pages was her way of healing herself.

I almost felt as if I was reading a journal of some sort.

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Rupi Kaur is unapologetically honest, and that's what makes her poetry so beautiful. The book has been published worldwide by the Andrews McMeel publishing house and is distributed widely by the same publication house as well.

The sketches were so beautiful, and complemented her words so well. Each chapter is based on a single theme and it expresses each theme very artistically yet painfully.

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Rupi Kaur is an Indian poetess and novel writer. Something far too personal and intimate for me to be read The pain is deliberate in the words.

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In whatever way, writing had helped her. Sometimes, I did [foolishly] wonder as to why she wrote in such depth about her past lover sand then it hit me that this was her recovery process. Of course I didn't resonate with a few poems, and couldn't quite connect with them on the level I did with others, but I still loved it despite that.