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Miranda and Samuel

Jon Gajari - Groomsman Jon is one of my best friends from Liberty, and I've had the privilege of watching him grow over the past few years. I cannot wait to continue learning with her about our sweet Savior, even though we may live far away!

Sam earns the respect of his peers by how he treats them. She has walked with me through so many seasons of life and pointed me to the goodness of Jesus in it all.

I had great friends growing up, but when I met Lauren, I found someone who I really clicked with.

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He has been so welcoming to Miranda in the past two years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her tease and encourage him in turn. Hollie-Anne has been one of the most precious friendships in my life. While Katie was my ministry partner, she was also a mentor to me.

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He is always on hand to deliver a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings fact, and can often be found playing the piano loudly quite loudly during Sunday afternoon naps.

Her home became a second home to me, and as we went throughout high school, we stuck together. I'm so thankful geneeskundig adresboek online dating your friendship!

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Thanks, we've received your. We are the most opposite people you will ever meet, which makes our friendship so fun!

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While she doesn't really wear the long skirts anymore, her passion for telling stories through drama and loving others no matter what has only grown.

Sam and I have had the opportunity to become close with Hannah's husband, Chris.

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Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt have been an item for quite some time now ever since the two worked very closely together for their upcoming tours and sources claimed that their professional relationship eventually turned into something that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani found to each other.

Curtis is such a wise man that consistently shows love to those that he is around. He is the most humble, sweet-spirited person I know, and never fails to make me laugh. Kayla is one of the best people I have ever met.

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Katie Johnson - Bridesmaid Katie Johnson is by far the most prayerful, disciplined woman I have ever met in my life. Nevertheless, he shows tremendous maturity and discernment in his interactions.

She is a life friend. Hannah poured her wisdom and love into my life from the moment I met her. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses you and Trevor, Hollie-Anne. Moreover, the source also revealed that Lambert was basically the first person to pat Hunt on the back when the latter got a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and Best Album.

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Her heart for the Lord is beautiful, and she deeply loves every person she meets. Her friendship was a surprise to me, since at first I thought we were so different, but Hannah and I are old souls together.

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Curtis Johnson - Groomsman Curtis has been one of our dear friends for several years now. Still, we have remained fast friends despite being apart for some time.

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Kim knows me better than I know myself. I know that in the days to come, he will continue to be a voice of reason for his friends and will greatly used wherever the Lord leads him.

Jon is definitely one of the most free-spirited people I've ever met, but our mutual love of sports and a common sense of humor have strengthened our friendship. This woman is faithful to the God she serves. Her artistic eye is uncanny. I know that while life may take us all kinds of different directions, she will always just be a phone call away!

She is the kind of friend who will drop everything to come hug you, make you dinner, and just simply listen.