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Since then he is involved in Dutch public debates about professionals and managers in and around public service delivery. Lemma, to be published.

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Add to basket Add to wishlist Description This major new text on the theory and practice of public management moves away from descriptive accounts of its evolution to provide a systematic treatment of the key paradigms of public management today. Changing forms of professionalism in public service provision.

Current Sociology, 59 4 PhD students Martijn Ridderbos and Tom Overmans are currently working on the financial aspects of professional public managers. Professional Management of Professionals: SinceBas de Wit works on his PhD on the professionalization of school leaders defense in How professional public managers get things done Palgrave McMillan.

He also advises other PhD-students, such as Berit Lindemann who writes a PhD about professional responses to managerial reform.

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The conflict between public managers and professionals as struggle over professionalism Lemma, The Hague. In the past few years, he studied manager-professional relations, and he focused on professionals, innovations in service delivery and professional schooling.

Policy, People, and the New Professional, Amsterdam: Journal of Professions and Organization. Relating all three logics to a wide range of diverse contexts - from police services to healthcare, social services to educational providers - the text shows how managers can simultaneously perform to a high standard, act professionally through their work, and cope with internal and external politics.

Hybrid professionalism and beyond. The text sets out three contrasting 'logics' for management - performance, professionalism and politics - and shows how public managers act on the interplay between these for effective results.

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Work and Behavior of Public Managers amidst Ambiguity cum laude. Public Administration, 88 2 Administrative burdens for professionals: Organization Studies, 32 10 In he published a book version of his inaugural address, Professional Governance. In he published a textbook on public management in Dutchwhich is used in many educational programs in The Netherlands and Belgium, Management in the Public Domain [Management in het publieke domein] Coutinho, Bussum,2nd ed.

Public Management Practices amidst Ambiguity.

By Daniel Ammann.

Gegenereerd op Public Administration, 81 4 Incorporating the latest theories and practices, this comprehensive book will appeal to readers around the world wanting to understand, and contribute to, public management today.

In he will publish the textbook in English Perspectives on Public Management. Up Close and Personal. Up close and personal Palgrave McMillan, Leadership in the Public Sector: In he was member and chairman respectively of the Levine Book Prize.

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Public Administration, 86 4 It examines their competing outlooks, values, tools and assumptions and - using a wide range of examples from different areas of management around the world - their implications for practice. Performance, Professionalism and Politics. Organizing Management in Health Care.