Quotes about Boyfriend flirting (25 quotes) Quotes about Boyfriend flirting (25 quotes)

Misleading flirty quotes for my boyfriend, love quotes for him

It came to me this morning to reach out to you because I am already soaked in your thought.

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How lucky am I? When I said I love you, I really mean it because you deserve to be loved over and over. Plus, a winking face always adds a level of flirtation to any message. You fill my heart with so much love and delight that I know I want to be with you forever.

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You are busy now and I am dreaming about the day when I will keep you busy for the whole life. Do you know what I realized today? Thanks for everything you give me to make my life super awesome.

You are my prince with whom I can spend rest of my life.

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He can not stop laughing after reading these amazing and interesting bday quotes and Bday wishes. I will continue to appreciate your kindness in my life until the end of time.

You are the one who showed me what love is and how to do it fearlessly. What can be better than looking into your eyes every day?

Happy Birthday My love Darling, you are the one who brings out the best and worst inside me. Give him this open-ended question and let his thoughts unfold.

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If you are interested in a guy, you should get out there and show it! Stop beating around the bush and let him know how you feel.

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Dear boyfriend, wishing you a good morning for a morning filled with cheerful moments. Close your eyes to make a wish and I pray to god that all your wishes come true on this bday.

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You annoy me more than I ever thought possible, but… I want to spend every irritating minute with you. You make the world seem like a brighter and happier place.

Quotes about Boyfriends

You never leave me when I need you most. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend.

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From Today, I will be called your girl. My heart is jumping over and over like a frog, because you smiled at me. There are some people who hold a very special place in our lives for you know that if you did not have them, then life would never be the same.

May you always spread love and happiness around everyone. I never like to be called as your Girlfriend because I am not just a girl who is your friend. I love you more than you know.

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I am in love with every day because you fill it with unforgettable emotions. Flirty Quotes for Her: Was he wearing a cute shirt today?

Age is just a number and you are as old as your mind want to.

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I will promise that my heart will always beat for you. I love you a lot.

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I admire your passion and your beautiful smile. Possibly over the top? Anytime I think of you, I feel a special comfort in my mind yet I cannot comprehend. You have unleashed the fuel of joy in my heart!

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I just cannot stop thinking about you. Baby, in the midst of millions of princes, you alone I see, admired and want to lead my life with until the time seizes to exist.

When I look into your eyes, I see the stars, when I feel your touch, I try a taste of a paradise. All my life I have thought that the Northern Lights is the most beautiful phenomenon in the world, but that was before I saw the sparkle in your eyes.

Any kiss or hug from you may cause a mass construction in me, living my heart soaked in love. It may be direct, but this flirty text certainly works to get the point across.