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She listened to various types of music since she was young.

Everyone was intrigued and high expectations were set. Was known to be a YG Trainee. As years went on, more names were being mentioned and added.

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Her parents saw how much she loves singing and made her learn this and that about music. She was also considered as a natural beauty. She thought there will no more opportunities for her but there was Cube.

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Lastly, she passed the audition and she really worked hard while being a trainee. Miyeon knows how to play the violin and piano.

Life outside the company was difficult for her since male singles dating spent all her childhood as a trainee.

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So, she became a trainee of YG Entertainment by 5 years but when her debut didn't happened, she left the company. From a girl group which was expected to debut consisting of only 4 members; it became 7, 8 then 9 members.

After this, she took some time to look back on herself. After this she learned how to play violin and piano. Facts Miyeon is an only child.


According to Yuqishe likes snacks, likes latiao Chinese snack and a friend-like unnie [2]. Most likely it will be hell, in a really good way though.

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Why fans had been waiting for so long? I felt that I had no skill. According to Shuhuashe can't be disturbed when she sleeps and looks pretty with bangs too [2].

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She became happy because she can now sing and dance like in the past. Also, they gave her an IPod as a birthday present where all the songs she likes played [1].

She then auditioned where she was short time to prepare and felt nervous while auditioning.

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Our Queens are truly the best and successfully passed the YG standard: Although she is only 16 years old, the video clip revealed shows her flexibility and skills in dancing to fast beats. Another is because she didn't make the final cut of BlackPink that is why she left completely.

In an interview Euna had explained why she left YG she said, "At the time, I wasn't ready spiritually, nor was I ready to sing or dance. It is very regretful that a friend, who trained with us for a long time, has left without fulfilling her dream.

As she went to middle school, she went on her first audition by her friend's recommendation to challenge her dream. Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon and Yuqi are roommates.

She made some records and showed it to her family and friends. That's how her interest in music began and once she got to know computer programes, she tried recording by herself.

Then, she attended a vocal academy to strengthen her vocal skills and took classes about composing and producing music.

I just had talent. Early Life Edit Miyeon was influenced by her father who enjoyed music. Jinny Park as of now is still a trainee under YG and is expected to be part of upcoming YG girl group in the future.

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I wondered if being a singer was the right path for me, and finally I decided that I should go back to school. It actually started when fans all over the world had been talking about a rumored girl group that is going to debut soon, a rumor which started way back in According to Minnieshe likes Thai food [2].

Everyone had been very excited to witness a group that will surely make another K-Pop history in the long run. According to Soyeonshe brushes her teeth and eats and doesn't easily wake up [2].

I personally think it will be a superb and unbeatable girl group, I mean having 7, 8 or 9 charismatic, charming and talented girls all in one group?

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There were so many skilled kids in YG Entertainment so the competition was high. I realized how lacking I was.

It was decided that her [future] activities would put too much stress on her health.