Banned From Equestria: Banned From Equestria (Daily) - Complete Guide Banned From Equestria: Banned From Equestria (Daily) - Complete Guide

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Get back in and offer your help. The first spell allows you to break the rock on the path to the Apple farm. She will wrap the ball into a present.

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Just avoid all the clouds. So all you have to do is quickly click on your character, clicking on her shield once after each of her spells. Get in and have some wub love. Click on the roof of the house to get a closer look and use your new spell to break her window.

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Chrysalis will be there to get you. Walk past the sleeping guard and keep going. The second allows you to wake Trixie up during the night.

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Click on the blackboard to get Magic Attack B, a fancy name for a cutting spell. Rarity nighttime, any race Go talk to Rarity in her store and ask her to have sex.

Careful, it gets much harder at the end. Click on the transformation book to take it from her.

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Take the bottle of whine at the train station. Fluttershy The reward is an extra 10 second scene in the ending. Luna will throw spells at you in various patterns. Derpy Hooves anytime, any race Click on the mailbox a few times and kick Derpy out of it.

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With his hands and mouth. You can try to be stealthy to trigger a different dialogue, but Celestia will always end up catching you and punishing you in the same manner. Trixie nighttime, unicorn Unlock the Level A spells see above and make sure you are a unicorn for the night.

Open your inventory and eat the muffin.

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Come back on the next morning and Pinkie will jump on you. Go upstairs and click on the ground to leave the present for Pinkie. Follow AJ past the farm. Applejack daytime, any race Get the Level A spells see above so you can break the rock on the way to the Apple farm.

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You can spends your bits at the spa during the day. Click on her window next morning to unlock Remixing Time. You can mash-click on your character to make a shield that completely blocks all attacks.

After a few attempts she will ask you to follow her to the barn.

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Spike nighttime, any race Do Twilight and Rarity on the first and second nights. Do it again to leave the scene.

DJ Pon3 anytime, any race Click in the middle of the vinyl disc on the door to her house. More on that below. Take the dirt road, walk past AJ and use your spell on the rock to break it.

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Not really worth the trouble. Challenge Rainbow Dash to a race and win to make her your sex slave. You can always say no, go see Trixie to change race and get back to her. Having fun with the twins does not count as a sex scene and does not skip to the night.

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Pinkie Pie daytime, any race From the starting area, go right and grab the ball. Being an Earth pony makes apple-bucking more efficient, but be careful! Come back the next morning and click on the wrapping paper to unlock Good Bye Equestria. Say yes to stop the bucking and get down to… Ahem.

Character guide Rainbow Dash daytime, pegasus From the starting area where Trixie isfly up to the cloudy racetrack. Twilight Sparkle daytime, pegasus Go talk to Twilight in the library as a pegasus.

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You also need bits to help Spike and to rape Trixie. Clicking on Luna will break her shield a bit. You need to click on the roof of the house not on an arrow to get there.

Fluttershy nighttime, any race Turn around at the starting area and get closer to the Everfree Forest.