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When you get your bonus, go back to settings and do nov. KPvN37 Find Derpy, who is in a box with eyes. This is for newbies bc it is one of the first tricks you learn. So, get ready to close out of that tab, and go shard hunting!

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Here's a tip to get some faster! This will also help you get bits and element shards. You can add me: Now the tricky part. This wil not affect other areas, so if you do it in ponyville, only ponyville's shops skip. It's been the best way to get gems!

I've formulated a theory about it, but it's unconfirmed: Mykee dating Restocking shops glitch! Like Fleur Dis Lee.

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Go back to settings. Get some shops, and exit to settings. I have Rarity, Pinky Pie, and Twilight at 5 stars so that I can choose which one has the highest multiplier.

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Go to november 30 then nov Remember, it is not always guaranteed that u will get a gem! Then, go to settings and change the date to one day ahead. Esmeraldakitty Unlimited Totem Ingredients This only happened once, so I don't know if it will always happen.

Annacleo16 Glitch coming from forwarding time I've noticed that the game can make some kind of glitch where the game freezes at the Daily Bonus and makes some kind of loop so it keeps appearing. Once you've gotten all the shops filled: Raineh14 Princess luna in ponyville So if you want princess luna you have to do this: I'm guessing the balloon pop games?

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This may or may not work depending on what level you are! Please have some an When derpy shows up all of the ponies are back to walking around in the light, derpy of course flying around clumsily.

You must not have Rarity to do this. SensibleGemPony Want gems now you can earn them Derpy the one in the box if you tap the box you can earn bits or gems the gems are rarely but the bits always.

I also have all of the mane Leveling up you can earn gems every time you level up.

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This works all the time in Ponyville but not everytime in Canterlot. Different element shards have different point values. But this only works on some ponies! But zecora apple cobbler sapphire shores and jeff letroski are all for hearts too.

I doubt it that someone wins them in that time, so I came up with this trick.

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Notice that it takes patience to do this. Scootaloo, twilights dad, and minuette are goals! A while back in my old MLP Game, I discovered a glitch, but the thing was, my phone didn't have any internet. Exit out of the game and make sure you don't log in until your ponies are ready to play everypony has a different time schedule First go to the mine cart mini game.

Now your wait is OVER. Ok so, many people said that they couldn't find where their prizes went. Derpy is mostly found in lonely places with more space. You have to be past level 10 for. Im sure you already know that if you swipe at the right time the ball will shine, but when you turn it sideways you may notice an arrow on the ball pointing up-left, up, or up-right.

Friends will get you a bigger score in multiplier. Just letting you know! Press 'set date and time' and put it one day forward 4. It looked like she was transforming into Slendermane, honestly.

It easy if you have 1 or more friends in your friends list you can dance with them and when you dance with your friends you recive one heart per song without your friends send you a heart!

Don't spend gems on a worthless thing unless you have loads, eg the balloon pop has a chance of giving ponies, however if there is a really expensive pony, like gems, all gem ponies are available to win on the Gem Balloon Pop minigame.

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