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Nearly 70 percent of our E-Class survey owners also went for the V-8 alternative.

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Thehookupzone same elements, overlaid with the aforementioned ownership experience, also topped the specific E-Class buying rationale. We were impressed enough with the feat to select this exceptional offering as our '96 Import Car of the Year, but passed on the instant gratification of putting an E into our MT long-term test fleet in favor of waiting a few months until the Vpowered E arrived as an early '97 model.

Through its 17, in-service miles, we put enough at-the-limit driving on this faithful mount to inflict tangible trauma upon its front tires and brake pads.

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I have one on the back on my E because the first owner who drove it 30, wanted to upgrade but never got around to doing it. However, several staffers did dock the car for its high steering effort at lower speeds and somewhat disconnected feel.

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In large measure, we concurred with those assessments, which in the case of our E, were backed by a full range of empirical data that included its 6. It looks fine there.

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I know its not an AMG and I dont try and pass it off as one either. Although hardly an ideal regimen from a fuel-economy standpoint, the car still managed a respectable But as dramatic as this transition may have been on the surface, it was accomplished with no loss of the underlying fundamentals that had established the marque as an acknowledged prestige and safety leader in the automotive world.

We opted for a Sport version of the E There is no such car as an E AMG.

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Statistically true to form, our cadre of Mercedes owners consisted primarily of wealthy, mature males. As it turned out, this was not an uncommon choice: No such excessive wear and tear was reported by owners in our survey group.

Quality, performance, safety, styling, comfort, and handling headed their list of general purchase considerations.


One pointed logbook entry noted: To a large extent, our survey respondents were veteran M-B faithful, with the majority having owned previous-generation E-Class cars.