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The Boscoreale Treasure In AD 79 Vesuvius erupted violently, destroying the civilization of the Naples region and, significantly, burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a thick layer of ash.

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The figure may indeed portray the features of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra VII, in the guise of an allegory of Plenty. In excavations at a Roman villa at Boscoreale, on the slopes of the volcano, uncovered an exceptional hoard of silver treasure, including pieces of silverware, grooming items and jewelry, stashed in a water tank by the owner before the eruption.

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The emblema is striking for the abundance of symbols accompanying the female figure. Fondation Piot, 5,pp. This khassaides online dating ensemble dates from the late first century BC and the early first century AD, when Roman metalworking flourished.

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Schale von Boscoreale ", in N. A profusion of symbols The interior band of the dish is decorated with a garland of laurels and myrtle, laden with berries.

Studi in onore di Achille Adriani, Rome,p. The elephant hide, an allusion to the campaigns of Alexander the Great in India, often indicates a personification of a town or country; associated here with the lion and panther, it may identify the bust as an allegory of Africa or Alexandria.

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The female bust in the center wears an elephant hide and is accompanied by a profusion of symbols whose interpretation remains uncertain: Linfert, "Die Tochter, nicht die Mutter.

The bodies of the inhabitants were "fossilized" as they fled or fell, and numerous humble and precious artefacts were preserved and rediscovered in their original context during the eighteenth century.

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The bust is surrounded by numerous divine attributes: In the center is a bust of a young woman wearing an elephant hide, holding a cobra in her right hand and a horn of plenty full of fruit in her left. The horn of plenty is surmounted by a crescent moon, and decorated with a bust of the sun god Helios, an eagle and the helmets of the Dioscuri Castor and Pollux, the twin deities who were believed to help shipwrecked sailors.

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Many questions still surround the interpretation of this emblema. Nochmals zur" Afrika ".