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Monster dna headphones review uk dating. ✔video: monster dna on-ear headphones review & comparison to beats

Monster DNA On-ear Headphones Review & Comparison to Beats

That the cables are removable and replaceable adds significant value to the DNA's price—since cables are often the culprit when headphones malfunction, you can simply replace the cable rather than look into repairs or replacing the whole thing.

Not very comfortable, especially over long periods of time. Hopefully, this won't spawn couldeatatarbys okcupid dating whole new wave of copycats. If you are wondering about the specs and performance of the new Monster DNA headphones, welcome to the club.

Monster DNA On-ear Headphones Review & Comparison to Beats

For more information, please visit www. Grador posts on October 01, Do they hit the high notes? With a partnership with Viacom for placement at the MTV Video Music Awards plus a commitment for much more, these headphones are designed to encourage music sharing, music community, and social awareness.

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Highest frequency

They'll be officially launching at the MTV Video Music Awards where some stars will be presented with special chrome versions of the new headphones. A headphone monster dna headphones review uk dating focuses on music sharing, music community, and social awareness?

Modern design is customizable with skins, but the look isn't for everyone Bottom Line The slick-looking Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones perform well at moderate levels, but better-sounding options can be had for less. September 27,1: This material is soft, but doesn't exactly feel like an overstuffed pillow floating on your head.

This gets less intense at even more moderate volumes, where the deep bass and highly sculpted high frequency response—two typical Monster traits—work far better together to create an exciting mix.


The highs are clear and detailed. Either way, we've seen heaphones that cost much, much more. Design The DNA has a futuristic look, with rounded, triangular earpieces and circular, supra-aural on-ear earpads.

Other than the two cables, the only other accessory is a black felt drawstring bag that has internal pockets and a carabiner attached.

Monster DNA Headphones Review – Chip Chick

They're coming out with a new set of cans that, while resembling the Beats design, are triangular instead of round. Their trendy futuristic and skinnable design coupled with a balanced and high-quality audio experience makes the Monster DNA Headphones lineup a great contender for Dr.

Dre and his Beats lineup. Voices stand out quite nicely. Cons Distorts and vibrates on deep bass at high volumes.

Lowest frequency

Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? The audio quality on the DNA Headphones is fantastic. Cable is removable, ships with a spare.

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Their brand and their products have so many imitators that it is practically an epidemic. With Monster's latest advancement in sound engineering, Monster DNA headphones bring music listeners a new sound that is as powerful and striking as the bold design of the headphone itself.

We'll let you know when if we get a pair in for review.

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A song like The Knife's "Silent Shout" starts to get fuzzy when you approach maximum volume. Hopefully, Monster didn't forget to have some of that focus on playing music.

We're not exactly sure how that partnership helps Monster except in maybe a bit of a discount when advertising but they have partnered nonetheless. It's not perfect, but it performs with more power than the DNA, and without distortion.

Each ear cup has an audio jack on the bottom; you can choose which side you want to run your audio cable from.

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They sound amazing for just about any genre, unlike the Beats which are favorably tuned for rap and hip hop. Apparently Monster, the company that unleashed Beats on us, is sick of it too. At moderate-to-high volumes, before distortion kicks in, the bass response is powerful—even palpable, as the headphone frame vibrates noticeably with the beat.

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

The vocals are never obscured by the low-end intensity. September 28, Our only concern for the future is whether or not the plastic hinges on the DNA Headphones hold up, but so far so good.

Performance On songs that feature deep bass, the DNA often distorts at high volume levels. The anti-tangle headphone cables are great; one has an inline ControlTalk with microphone, and the other is just a regular audio cable.

Dre is no longer, and now both brands make their own exclusive headphone models.

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The DNA doesn't quite stack up to the aforementioned models, and since it's more expensive than most of them, it feels overpriced.