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Draculaura also has a rather hidden talent for drama, as shown by her ease to perform plays. Brown Clawdeen Wolf's Hair D: Draculaura may be a lacto vegetarian as she appears to eat milk products in the Monster High franchisebut does not at all appear to eat eggs or anything made of eggs.

Draculaura's Mouth smile with fangs 7: If you want it in HD, tune on the channel Does poptropica have Monster High in it? Abilities Draculaura holds the standard abilities and characteristics of a vampire, such as the inability to stand garlic or to have a reflection in the mirror and the need to be invited into places before entering.

Many of her physical features nod to her vampire heritage, such as pointed ears, fangs, and pale skin that's especially sensitive to the sun. I won't tell you what they have this time because that would just give it away. In Back and Deader Than Everin an argument, Draculaura has a flashback to when her mother dies and she was turned into a vampire.

But then Clawd came over and I went back in that moment again starring in his lovey eyes and feeling the love I simply fainted Yes Monster High is a T.

In her "School's Out" diaryit is shown that she has developed feelings for Clawd Wolf when he rescues her from a sudden downpour.

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She is a vampirespecifically the daughter of Dracula through adoption, and a student at Monster High. Draculaura also can hear echoes from far away, due to her superior hearing. Lagoona Blue's Body and Outfit K: Moanica runs away from the school radio gila tavira online dating embarrassment.

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The channel is In the cartoon series, Draculaura is notably shorter than all her friends, even in heels. I guess you'd have to go with mansion, but only because there isn't a moat and a drawbridge. Draculaura's debut doll is released as part of the ' Basic ' series. Frankie Stien's Eyes 2: You can't "get" monster high, it's just one of the ads.

In Welcome to Monster HighDraculaura as a bat can emit a shockwave screech as shown when she did this to one of Moanica's Zomboyz at the cemetery and Moanica at the party to make Moanica fall from the stage.


Pet Draculaura's pet bat is named Count Fabulous. Mattel abandons the trademark for Ula D. Not it's no longer an advertisement. I started of in my coffin sleeping as sung as a bug but then my alam clock rang, I got up with a shock I didn't even realise that I had my lind down on my coffin and banged my head I shouted "Ow!!!

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In fact, she's the shortest of the main cast, being taller than only a few backgroundersand only looks taller than Ghoulia due to Ghoulia never standing up straight because she is a zombie. The Monster High website goes live, featuring Draculaura's profile.

After finding the vampire ruler Elissabat, Draculaura acquired her Vampire Powers, and consequently the ability to turn into a bat at will.

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While in Scaremerica, Draculaura finds herself in the Division of the Worlds, with her father being an important supporter of the New World project, along with figures such as Hexicah Steam and Bloodgoodand stands for equality within the monster races, growing up to be the accepting girl she is, and eventually she meets Clawdeen Wolf.

Then I seen Clawd and rushed over but while I was running over so mean guys who fancied me who could controll the plants and leaves tripped me up I finally snapped out of it when Clawdeen slapped me a couple of times she asked me "What were you doing starring at my brother?

Draculaura makes her 2D cartoon debut in " Jaundice Brothers ". She also says that she is still learning how to master to fly with a little of her father's help.

Appearance Draculaura has pale pink skin, pale purple eyes, and black hair with pink streaks. Second position can be 1,2,3,4 and determines Eyes. In Back and Deader Than Ever she submits the T'eau Dally admittance letter, only to find out she's one of the finalists. Revealed in " Frights, Camera, Action!

Mattel requests the trademark for Draculaura in the costume category. She was one of Frankie's first friends and in New Ghoul School helped Frankie realize that she just might fit in.


She likes to dress him up in pink, coordinated outfits. Kindhearted, Draculaura grows to be a happy child, and so did Camilla's and Dracula's relationship, as the vampire promotes her to head of the house and soon falls in love with her.

Draculaura's diet only consists of vegetables, ice cream, fruits, and a lot of iron supplements. They would probably put it back at the end of the year.

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Draculaura's profile art is revealed. Soon Draculaura is born, her name given as an honor to the being who saved both hers and her mother's lives. It so happens that Gaius, a Roman soldier, is the great-great-grandson of Trajan, one of Dracula's servants and friend.

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But Draculaura is certainly not a ovo-lacto vegetarian at all. Then Clawdeen said "Ok In the earlier webisodes, she was also attracted to a mysterious student known only as the " Perfect Guy " in the webisode " Horrorscope ".

Though Memphis Longlegs and Webby look alike, they are clearly not the same character. Dracula, in a move of compassion and in honour of his old friend, gives aid to Camille and receives them in his castle.

Draculaura is a vegan in both the Monster High books and the cartoon series. Draculaura tries to protect Tash but Moanica jumps at her and then through her, since it turns out Tash is actually Ari Hauntingtona ghost.

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Moanica and her zombie army attack Draculaura, Clawdeen WolfLagoona Blueand Cleo de Nilebut the ghouls make quick work of the zombies and escape. However, she shows up at Clawdeen's hideout with her father's permission, where she develops a crush on Clawd and even convinces him to let her give him a mohawk.

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Dracualuara then continues her spreading peace and love as a message from the monsters. She challenges Draculaura to befriend pop star Tash, but when Draculuara meets her, Tash screams. In a webisode, she could hang from a felt ceiling.

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Like all vampires with their vampire powers, she is able to levitate at a small height.