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No, a great kiss. Now all K-drama fans have a bone to pick with the limp-fish, no lip movement involved, face-bumping kisses.

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This is the kiss that makes you HATE the limp-fish kiss because you were denied the awesomeness that is a good kiss. This woman has amazing lips! The hot kiss must be qualified. The mood is established with intense gazes, slow approaches, and unbearable anticipation.

Park Shi Hoo

Perhaps you should wear a bib. It just requires surprise — no premeditation. These kisses are not just tonsil hockey and sucking face. I have just started this one. But a kiss to make you melt.

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There are examples of these to come. They are not just sexy but sweet, full of the tender love that relieves the moment of all bad things going on in life.

Park Shi-hoo, you need to ask me out already.

Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won Star in The Princess' Man

The chaste kiss is a beautiful thing. Please feel free to stare for hours. These kisses combine techniques. We all know this one.

Park Si-Hoo & Moon Chae-won

They are hereby shunned. It is a sweet gesture of affection that does involve the lips, but only the lips. You will squee and keep your very special status as a fangirl.

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When I watch them, I will come back and edit all posts containing them because it is my solemn duty to provide you with as much biased info on Park Shi-hoo as possible. Here is what I came up with: They are caused by physical closeness, declarations of emotion, relief, desperation, happy endings and any other activity that induces a rush of love and hormones.

Park Shi-hoo has masterfully performed all of these, which will most definitely be shared.

Moon Chae-won

And now for some delicious kisses. As I was preparing for his post, it hit me how many lucky ladies were blessed by the lips of Park Shi-hoo. These are often overshadowed by their counterparts, the full-blown kiss that gets a fancy name by K-drama fans i. What is the perfect kiss?

Moon Chae-Won - AsianWiki

How to answer this? I get the feeling that the power of the moments she shares with Joon-suk awes her.

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The stolen kiss can be of the chaste or hot variety. This is an equal opportunity kiss — full involvement for all.

Park Shi Hoo And Moon Chae Won Dating

Her character, Bae Doo-na, is quiet and shy and just letting the kisses happen to her. What the hell kind of kiss is that?

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These kisses look like the couple accidentally touched lips — a drive-by lip graze if you will. In fact, we shall shun them.

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But more often he. Please see Boys over Flowers for several examples that will make you wince with the complete lack of emotion.