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Hints of Morby but they're mostly kids.

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She first appeared in Surprise Future. Nothing mattered when he was behind the wheel.

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She was still crying a bit and hoped that Mordecai didn't notice She doesn't deserve Mordecai, she'd just break his heart Love interests don't necessarily have to think the same way all the time in order to be a couple.

Though it is violent so T rating to be safe sorry if not as good as original.

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Mordecai Regular Show dating. Get some sleep you guys. Rigby had already went inside.

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I realize Margaret wasn't the most exciting character on RS, but at least she made Mordecai happy. One of them isn't going to kill you!

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New Fotohandy testsieger dating every days, depending on time. When they got back home, it was pretty late. Sometimes the chemistry just seems a bit too perfect for my mordecai and margaret dating fanfiction. Regular Show Mordecai Dating.

It's mostly their adventures as children. And don't forget to put up the food, okay?

Or not reading, if you don't wanna read buttsex. Why can't he see that I l-love him? Reviews are very appreciated so please review.

When mordecai walked back outside he had a depressed look on his face and had tears about to start crying and told me that Margaret wanted to talk with me.

That was easy for Rigby to do since she, for some reason, liked Rigby. She became a regular part of feelings for Margaret.

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I'm disgusting, he thought to himself. That's all I've ever been. Strongest Complete Mode is the true form of Mordecai. When they reached the coffee shop both mordecai and rigby checked out a certain red robin named Margaret.

His body quit on him due to him over-stressing it and attempts to take Rigby's body for himself, forcing Rigby and the park gang to chase him down.

Eileen turned to her friend.

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And it was her ringtone specially for Mordecai. Your review has been posted. His anger turned into sadness when he realized he had hurt his best friend.

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After an initial situation where Mordecai was not ready to date her, they eventually became good friends and started officially dating.

How will it go? Your review has been posted.

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As Rigby gabbed most of the bags and headed for the front door, he accidentally bumped into Benson. Margaret met a guy that she thought would work out well with her friend. Just stay away from me. What if some guy also got the job as well?

Your review has been posted. He was fed up with Mordecai always talking about her around him. You've been acting kind of strange. I've been waiting for hours!

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This leads to a montage of memories, ending with a memory of a regular show mordecai dating on a roller coaster. But Rigby wasn't paying any attention.

He questioned his judgment on this situation.

Mordecai and CJ or Mordecai and Margaret?

Rigby was left alone. This is a lemon yaoi fic between Mordecai and Rigby and implied Mordecai and Margaret obvious implications, though. A chirping bluejay and robin couple, both pocket sized that have magnets at the ends of the beak to show kissing.