Transport Oslo - Rygge (Moss Airport Rygge) Transport Oslo - Rygge (Moss Airport Rygge)

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The administration stated that establishing a civilian airport at Rygge would undermine the financial structure of Norwegian airports and would breach the political presumptions for constructing Gardermoen. The military run all common functions of the airport, such as the runway, fire and rescue service, and the air traffic control.

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Since Rygge could not sustain half the traffic, the decision neil mccormick shook up made to close it.

The airport hoped to initially establish routes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam, and that international destinations would be prioritized before domestic destinations.

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The air station also hosts several support functions, including education, logistics of the air force, and branch of the Norwegian Home Guard. In January, the owners invested 50 million in the company. Ryanair wrote that the tax forced them to halve their traffic to and from Norway.

The attempts on domestic flights were also less attractive since Rygge could not compete with Gardermoen on frequency.

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At the same time, the military and the airport company were discussing where the optimal location for the terminal should be. This included the installation of moss lufthavn rygge datehookup emitting diodes LED on the runway and moss lufthavn rygge datehookup, making Rygge the first airport in Europe with such an installation.

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Ryanair, the airport's largest customer the only other airline offering a few regular services being Norwegian Air Shuttlehad earlier announced it would pull out of Rygge if the air passenger charge was not removed.

Frode Steen at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration said that the airlines were postponing to get a better negotiating position. The airport hadpassengers in The company stated that they were therefore forced to invite a foreign airport operate to purchase part of the company to have sufficient competence in airport operations.

It also required the airport to be open from 07h to 23h every day and permit general aviation. Once decided, the Rygge Sivile Lufthavn hoped to send an application for a concession to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Moss Airport, Rygge

If the administration was to be able to complete on price with Rygge, the state would have to give the necessary grants to cover the deficits at other airports. Attempts were made by typical business airlines on domestic flights and destinations like London, which were not successful.

The operator later increased with three more charter destinations in early The administration operates with the model that the large airports, in particular Gardermoen, make a profit, which is used to finance the deficits at smaller airports.

In it was decided that Rygge was to become a military air station which met NATO specifications.

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The agreements involved, in addition to a new terminal, upgrades to the runway, taxiway and navigational systems, which would be paid for by Rygge Sivile Lufthavn.

In particular, the company stated that they were not satisfied with having higher fees than Ryanair, and that they were in negotiations with Torp to move their operations there. At the same time, Torp was required to pay their own air traffic control costs, which until then had been covered by the administration.

This was a higher passenger potential than Torp.

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However, neither Orkla nor Thon were willing to invest more in the airport unless the passenger ceiling was lifted. However, they would not start the announced services to Amsterdam and London, and instead concentrate their growth at Gardermoen. This included the expropriation of hectares 1, acres of land, costing NOK 12 million.

The aerodrome was closed inbut reopened in as a military aviation school, although the school only remained for two years.

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Ryanair shut down its entire operations on 29 October [8] while the only other regular tenant, Norwegian Air Shuttleleft a few days earlier.

Business travellers did not really use the airport.

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However, it started new routes to Dalaman and Thessaloniki. The old airport was closed and remained a camp until it was closed in The company stated that they had invited the Norwegian Civil Airport Administration to purchase part of the company, but that no decision had been made by the government agency.

They also said that an airport outside Avinor the new name for the Norwegian Civil Airport Administration would result lower profits at Gardermoen, and thus higher fees for the rest of the airports.

The share capital was initially NOK 3 million. Owners were Borregaard The concession contained a limit ofpassengers per year, and had a duration of 10 years.


In addition, the airline started two daily services to Bergen. The latter stated that the most important air routes were those to Gardermoen and Torp, while the Trafikon report recommended routes to Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Copenhagen.

Early years[ edit ] The first aerodrome at Rygge was built in andbut was located about 2 kilometers 1. The ministry stated that the rationale was that the calculations for the original concession were based on smaller aircraft, and that the passenger ceiling was based on an estimated 20, take-offs and landings.

Instead, the airport was limited to 15, air movements per year. The initial construction was for seven gates, with possibilities to expand to fourteen. In addition, the airlines would have higher costs having to operate to additional airports in Eastern Norway.