14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice 14 Scary Looking Dog Breeds That'll Make Criminals Think Twice

Most intimidating sports names, intimidating team names

Louis Cardinals, Smith topped 43 or more saves in three consecutive seasons. He was a hired gun who played for 7 different teams during the course of his year MLB career.

Despite his relative success at being a starter, Eckersley is best known for his work as a closer later in his career. Nevertheless, Cane Corsos are easily some caragiale napasta online dating the most intimidating dogs in the world, and their gaze alone will surely send shivers up the spine of even the most brazen criminal.

It's named after Long Island, dude. Originally developed to fend off wolves, these dogs are very territorial and do not accept strangers — including people, dogs and cats — entering their world. The same could be said of numerous other, non-intimidating breeds.

They were tasked with chasquis latino dating only monitoring their flock, but also protecting it from wolves or other predators — by physical means if need be.

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Many of the breeds most intimidating sports names below are banned in some areas. But most people do not need or want such a powerful and potentially dangerous companion at their side — most simply need a dog as a form of deterrence. Consider, for example, pit bulls — most intimidating sports names of the smallest breeds to make our list below.

Great Dane Great Danes are absolutely huge dogs big individuals may reach pounds and stand nearly 3-feet-tall at the shoulderwho are able to intimidate many people by virtue of their imposing appearance alone. Rottweiler Rottweilers always appear on these types of lists, and it is easy to see why.

Dogue de Bordeaux The Dogue de Bordeaux is a beautiful breed, but its bulk and large head makes it one of the more intimidating dogs available.

Akitas are instinctually driven to guard and protect their families. They need consistent, firm, respectful training and regular socialization from an early age.

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Their protective instincts are easy to see, and a big German shepherd is surely one of the most intimidating breeds to encounter in a proverbial dark alley. That is why everyone pays to see the Rangers and the islanders get no money.

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And the existing Coyotes should change their name to Cacti because that is what is in Arizona. Cane Corsos demand respect, and they should never be acquired on a whim or without serious thought, consideration and preparation.

Everything about them simply screams power and strength. Smith had a very productive year career spent with eight different teams in the majors. Despite their fearless and sometimes confrontational demeanor, Akitas are often loving family pets.

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Everything changed when he threw his first pitch. So, whether it was physical features, mad skills, or a combination of both, here are the toughest athletes in recent sports memory. If they are going to stay in L.

18 Most Intimidating Wrestler Nicknames

In fact, this is one of the primary purposes for which the breed was developed — protecting nobles and other VIPs during the feudal period of Japan they were also used to hunt large game, such as boar.

However, it is important to remember that this is only one component of the overall intimidation-factor of a given breed. Louis Blues are a professional ice hockey team in St. While females usually reach about 90 pound or so, most males exceed pounds and stand about 26 or 27 inches high at the shoulder.

Such dogs are trained to use all of the tools at their disposal strong jaws, bone-crushing teeth and powerful neck muscles to stop an attack; some are even trained to restrain the assailant until help arrives.


Dogo Argentinos require a lot of exercise to remain healthy, and they need plenty of attention from their family to avoid depression and the development of destructive behaviors.

Doberman Dobermans are big dogs, but their ability to scare would-be-troublemakers exceeds their size. It is important to note that while many pit bulls are very protective, many professionals consider pit bulls to be too friendly to be used for proper protection work.

Nevertheless, a pit bull running around your house will likely keep prowlers away. People who live on an island do not call themselves islanders.

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Dogs That Provide Protection True protection dogs are exquisitely trained read: The second section covers intimidating breeds which are not seen as frequently. Failing to do so can actually be dangerous, given the size of these immense beasts. His look was more akin to a nutty professor or computer geek.

This list of the most intimidating athletes in recent memory ranks the top sports stars and players from any sport who simply scared the pants off their opponents.

Today, they are primarily companion dogs, albeit ones that easily deter any who would wish to do you harm.

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Caucasian Shepherd Dog photo via wikimedia Caucasian Shepherd dogs are flock-guarding behemoths, who look even larger than they really are, thanks to their long, fluffy coat. By contrast, the biggest black lab that ever lived would be more likely to lick your face than get his hackles up.

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Though loving with their families including childrenDDBs are not what you would call welcoming to strangers. But the islanders is not catchy. Myers racked up strikeouts on his way to saves and a 3.

They haven't been diging up any gold lately 20 Washington Wizards The Washington Wizards are an American professional basketball team based in Washington, D.

Most Intimidating Team Names

He was not one to be taken lightly or messed with when he took the mound. Tekulve had a very unorthodox submarine delivery that could scare the daylight out of batters, especially those standing on the right side of the plate.

He really elevated the role of a "closer" to what it has become today, an essential role on every MLB pitching staff. He finished his career, having pitched in 1, games with strikeouts, an ERA of 2.

Still others are looking for a running companion, and a few want their dog to perform some type of work- or hunting-related task. The first group includes the most intimidating common breeds — those you could find at a pet store or from any number of local breeders. They do not back down from challenges, and display a fearlessness that is uncommon among other breeds.

Rather, they are likely to note a few key characteristics when deciding his or her next move. Although they make great family pets and are one of the easier breeds to train, German shepherds are not ideal for homes that harbor allergy sufferers.

Cane Corso Although Cane Corsos may stand almost 28 inches tall at the shoulder, they rarely reach the weights of Great Danes or similar breeds; typically, they weigh between 90 and pounds.

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Sutter used this presence and a better than average fastball to set up his split-finger fastball that he used as his out pitch.