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I thought the picture quality was quite high, even when it was dark. You could put it on in the playroom and keep an eye on the kids while you step away for a few moments.

Left Key Normal Mode: Now you can see and hear your baby sleeping in another room oryou can monitor your older children in their playroom.

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Registration is not required for warranty coverage. If the parent unit is turned OFF, when the adapter is plugged in, amains plug logo will display briefly, motorola mbp41 video baby monitor review uk dating by a large battery iconwith internal segments cycling for 45 seconds.

Only use the poweradapters provided. Photo Sensor Night Vision Mode 2.

Motorola Video Baby Monitors

This will allow the unit to operate on battery in the eventof a power failure. The Blue LED in thetop left corner lights up to indicate the adapter is plugged in. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. Display LCD screen 2. Please retain your original dated sales receipt for your records.

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If there is interferencewith the picture or sound, try moving the units to different locations, andensure they are not close to other electrical equipment.

The power LED willlight up in green. Only use the ACAdapters provided. The Motorola monitor could really be used for a number of purposes. I used it with my 2 year old son.

Motorola MBP 41 Video Baby Monitor Review

US and Canada To order a replacement battery pack, contact customer service or visit ourwebsite. About Jenn Jennifer Thorson has written 77 posts in this blog.

Take thisproduct to a collection point for the recycling of electricaland electronic equipment. Disconnect the battery pack of the parent unit andunplug both the units' electrical power, then plug them back in.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Change the camera number, if necessary. General Informationlf your product is not working properly BINATONE or its authorized distributor at its option and within acommercially reasonable time, will at no charge repair or replace anyProducts or Accessories that do not conform to this Warranty.

When the lens of the camera turns and tilts, it is super quiet, so no noise to wake a sleeping child. Connect the small plug of the power adapter to the parent unit andthe other end to the electrical outlet. Replace the battery cover over the compartment and gently tightenthe screw in a clockwise direction using a Small cross head or Flatend screw drivers.

What Other Limitations Are There? Talk Key TPress and hold to speak toyour baby I even used it out on my covered deck to keep track of the older two while they played in the sandbox.

My little guy was in his crib for a nap at home when I snapped this picture, and the room was pretty dark.

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NOTEDo not place the baby unit within the baby's reach! Down Key Normal Mode: Never use cleaning agents or abrasivesolvents. She blogs at thepurposefulmom. Forwarranty service of your Motorola product, you will need to providea copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status. Never use extension cords with AC Adapters.

One of the things I liked most about the monitor was that the camera pans and tilts to such a degree that I could make it move from one side of the room all the way around to the other and check on all three of my kids at the same time, as they slept at different ends of the room.

Connect the small plug of the power adapter to the baby unit and theother end to the electrical outlet.

Motorola video baby monitor

NOTEOnly use the enclosed power adapter 5. You can easily mute the volume if you are constantly looking at it to check anyway. Some of the product materials can be reused if you takethem to a recycling point. If the parent unit is turned ON, when the adapter is plugged in, thebattery icon in the screen's top right corner will show that the batteryis charging by cycling the internal segments.