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First comes safety as these tyres have air leakage that is much slower than tube tyres, there is no unbalancing because of the tube and better control during flat running as there is no instant air loss. Grip depends on many factors like composition of the surface, the area of contact, the weight applied, and so on.

They are lighter, and hence more fuel efficient. Developed one side wear to an extent that the inner portion almost is oval shaped.

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A lower aspect ratio gives a firmer ride but is more expensive. Pressures differ depending on the weather, the size of the tyre and the amount of load to be carried by a vehicle. A tyre is like mrf two wheeler tyres in bangalore dating football.

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And we flirt buddies customer service know that what keeps a ball round is the bladder, a thick rubber balloon that is inflated with air. We have all kicked a ball around once in a while. However, for the budding bikers out there, an aspect ratio is the height to width ratio.

I had been planning to change the tyres for over 2 years but managed using jugaad and rotating the tires.

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Tread design plays a crucial role in comfort, handling and braking. The barcode contains black and white lines that contain all the information pertaining to the product.

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Only this can be my fault. While an overinflated tyre can result in a hard, bouncy ride, an underinflated tyre can damage handling and steering quality. Tyres which do not have any tread slick tyres are used in racing because they offer maximum contact area, but are best-suited for race tracks, and not for ordinary use.

Tempted by the reviews here but still confused with going for MRF again.

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On the other, I can't tolerate these defects. Was this information helpful to you? The best tyres feature a combination of different type of treads to improve grip on all sorts of surfaces and make it more versatile.

A wider width gives the bike a coveted race bike image, however, straying from tyre specifications given by the bike manufacturer can be disastrous. All four tyres have good tread depth and can last KM more only if tread depth is considered.

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Tubed tyres are cheap and easy to maintain, suffer blowouts, which can cause accidents. When the cords are arranged in a tangential pattern, like in the strings of a guitar, it is a radial pattern. I doubt we will actually be able to feel the difference and even if we are, it shouldnt be a deciding factor.

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The product colour may slightly vary due to lighting conditions or your monitor settings. Ever heard your shoes squeak while walking on a wooden floor? Tubeless tyres do not have a tube, but have a reinforced sidewall.

The aspect ratio of a tyre is inversely proportional to the wheel diameter, which is also an important factor to be considered. My car is only used on long trips. While checking out from a store, the attendant scans your purchases with a barcode scanner.

The parallel or v-shaped grooves on the outer surface of a tyre are called treads. Ok condition but developed a cut on the sidewall. This happens because rubber, when in contact with a surface, offers resistance.

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Yes No Select an issue. These tyres have a section width of mm. Similarly, every tyre has a set of markings on the outer wall, which can tell you everything you need to know about the tyre. Straight-cut tyres, or tyres with straight tread are best suited for heavy load and long haul applications.

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Was handed a bill as well by the previous owner and the tyres were only 4 months old. R indicates that the tyre is of a radial construction. Did a phenomenal job of properly balancing the tires projected in the middle which my regular tire shop refused to balance.

The trusted Indian company internationally exports its products to 65 countries along with being one of the most popular tyre manufacturers at home.

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Just like an over or under inflated football can spoil a game, an improperly inflated tyre can cause a lot of problems. Always keep in mind the proper inflation pressure for your tyre. While upsizing, the overall outer diameter must remain the same.

They have never had any puncture despite driving in no road conditions in the hills during vacations. The problems began a year after the purchase. These are things you need to keep in mind while upsizing.

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When the cords are arranged in a criss-cross pattern, like in a knit sweater, it is called a bias ply construction.

V-tread tyres offer the best grip in most everyday situations, along with good wet grip. A higher aspect ratio is less noisy and perfect for city riding. The tread design of a tyre plays an important role in handling and ride comfort.

Tyre 3 and 4: It is used in a variety of fields, from clothes to body armour. Tyres also contain nylon, along with steel and other materials, to help improve strength and stiffness.