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Whatever it is she made it out of SKE safely and that's all personal stuff after graduation. Instead of being careful and protecting her colleagues, she took actions as a member that had great potential to hurt them.

Mukaida Manatsu

No it was not. Any fan with common sense knows this. That's why so many of them have apologized or even accepted punishments when their dating scandals were revealed. Jun 16, kimunlimited said: There's a circulating news rumor?

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Was it necessary to create a Twitter account? That's exactly what Manatsu did here. For some, these thoughts are now inescapable: She was dating while participating as a member, and so while she may have "made it out of SKE safely" before this was revealed, she still left in her wake the harmful effects of her dishonest behavior as a member.

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Whether or not that's true, her dishonest and careless actions mukaida manatsu dating increase the doubt in every fan's mind.

Each girl becomes a member in this understanding when they join the 48 group.

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I can understand why this is news, and why to some it is extremely upsetting. Even if you think the girls should be allowed to date freely, you have to understand that there are many fans who are more serious than you are, and that each time a girl is revealed to have broken their trust, the rest of the girls will suffer from a shrinking fan base.

Some speculate it's the reason for graduation. It really upsets me that people like you take this sort of thing so lightly, and that you can fool yourself into believing that this doesn't negatively impact the rest of the group.

Was it necessary to post a picture of the kiss? There is a very overt understanding between the fans and the girls that dating is off limits, and whether you like it or not, that understanding is a central part of the group's success.

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Manatsu is and always will be one of my favorite members of SKE48, and I'm not one of those fans who will abandon the group because of a relationship here and there, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed in her carelessness.

Those effects will hurt the other girls for generations to come. It contributes to the allure for the fans.

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The understanding is clear and out in the open. What's worse is that she said her reason for leaving was to pursue her studies.


Unless she randomly found and kissed this guy the night after her graduation, this isn't a new relationship. And she wasn't even very careful about it.

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So when any of the girls break this trust they have detrimental effects on the rest of the group.