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But being ostracized by her female classmates got to Futaba and while entering high school she decided to change her image. These incredibly human-like androids make everyday life easier for humans like you and me - most of the time, at least.

So what makes this show so popular? When he's about start cooking he always ties his white headband around his forehead, which I like so much.

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The key my top 10 anime crushes dating of her future self is clear: This side of him made me fall harder and harder for him. I like his creepy looking eyes and super long tongue. There is a reason Kimi no Na stadler flirt serbiangamesbl. Why I like Sinon?

Taki Tachibana enjoys all the excitement of life in the heart of Tokyo. Watch Spice and Wolf if you want to find out how their story continues.

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Midousouji works so hard and is determined to win no matter what. This image does not follow our content guidelines. Together with his Giftia partner Isla, Tsukasa is responsible for taking out Giftia that are past their expiration date or have other malfunctions.

Shizuo's mortal enemy is Izaya Orihara and he would stop at nothing to kill him. Sure, he is totally weird especially since he says Gross to things he dislikes. With that said Mashiro is the typical stereotype set in anime for foreigners, looks wise, but her raw artistic talent, her always dependent nature, and out of context comments give her a reason to be in this list.

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Nijiro Days is simply a carefree show. Tamako market is ur same old typical love story where two childhood friends harbour feelings for each other without knowing it themselves. With Messy brown eyes and soft brown eyes Tomoe's cool personality is what charmed me at first.

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We cannot give you a definite answer, but let us just say that the storyline and characters work together flawlessly. But honestly, that's d sort of love story I like best. Kimi no Na wa. He is so ever cheerful and playful.

But he can be a bit carefree at times, sneaking out of his castle and delaying his work as a prince. He's also so dependable. Is rude and cruel to a lot of characters. With that said I still develop small feelings for certain characters in anime or manga, and it's actually thanks to this wonderful medium that I realized that I like short haired women as you will notice in my list.

Well, at least I did! Though he might seem a bit perverted at times, he's actually a nice person deeply caring for d people he holds dear. Here, we meet traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence who prides himself in making a living all on his own.

But dangerous enough to make my heart race" 2. Mabuchi Kou Once again a simple, laid-back slice of life shoujo anime, Ao Haru Ride is also one of my favourite romance animes, Kou being d main male protagonist of d series. And I'm finished, with that ladies and gentlemen I finish My Top 10 Anime Crushes list, did you find any that you yourself like?

Extremely talented in everything he does, he's undoubtedly d most popular guy in Seika High.

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I myt just see d fatherly side of u at last. If you haven't seen one of these anime I highly suggest you do, as they are all highly enjoyable for more aspects than just these characters, especially in the top 3. D charming and emotional storyline of this anime left me charmed Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Anckerman.

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So today we want to give you a new, updated list that will definitely make your hearts beat faster. With that said Neko Hanekawa is the complete opposite of her "master" Hanekawa, she's a bit trampy with her clothes always falling off a bit, she makes a lot of cat meows, usually annoying but fit her character, plus that white hair with the golden eyes make her just beautiful.

As weird as that sounds. Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck. Usui Takumi Who doesn't love this extremely hot and awesome guy from Kaichou wa maid-sama??? Short hair check, well developed character check, an actual personality that doesn't limit to a trope check, I just can't deny that I like her but at the end of the day she's just not enough to be in the Top Spice and Wolf is a must-watch, not for its romantic component, but for its great storytelling.

To find out why makes him even more loveable to me.

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Has a weird way of riding his bike. Kurumi Tokisaki If you've watched Date a Live you know that Kurumi is the yandere character, and although yandere characters are at the bottom of my list as likeable characters Kurumi simply didn't fall there. The dub and sub voices for him drove shivers down my spine in a good way.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits the young team. Noragami Kazuma is so cool and cute. He's currently my top anime crush. With that said the fact that she's short haired also bumped her status in this, along with my number 1.

And that was bout my 10 anime crushes. D story shows how Kou ice again comes back to what he once was, opening his heart to d girl he loves dearly. Then my caring for her took a after I watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, she was just so shy and innocent that I couldn't help but just want to hold her until she felt better, especially after the finale of that film.