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He has completed his schooling in duk-soo High school and graduated from Daekyung university in the year on feb His passion drives him away from his marriage views.

It was also why when news of Shinee members dating broke, we were kind of surprised. With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, views, words.

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Later by seeing the reaction from fans Woollim Entertainment regretted their interview stating that they were not dating but still they were a good friends.

Is INFINITE's L dating ulzzang choco-holic Kim Do Yeon?

Even in my fangirl-fantasy mind, I know that I would not be suited for Taemin, so I want him to be with someone who is suited for him. With her tweets spreading like wildfire, Woollim, who previously said that L and Kim Do Yeon were just friends, seems to have changed their position on the matter.

Fans sort of expect idols not to date, given how idols are marketed, as really nice people that YOU support like a loved one, even though the support is mostly financial, and most contact with them is fleeting and in a short time frame like at a fan meet or even eye mdating sites at a concert.

Kay Sep 26 6: Of course this is all speculation and the connections between the two could be merely coincidence. However, it appears the netizens are doing their research and won't stop until they figure out what's cross dating refers to two on!

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She was a CEO of an internet shopping mall. On the other hand, the idols keep up their side of the bargain, by going on with the sexy, free and single story, as well as the fanservice.

She was called as a chocolate girl. After all, if she looks that good and have such mass appeal, it would be even more of a surprise if she did not find that somebody who would want to date her.

Everyone approaches the idea of a celebrity differently. However, it appears the netizens are doing their research and won't stop until they figure out what's going on!

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His Ideal type of woman In a TV show he said that Suzy is an ideal type of girl he is looking for with long wavy hair and innocent behavior. If dating makes him happy, then good for him. Day by day the issue became serious at one point everyone regarding this issue started to cool down his fans by stating that their information is just a rumour.

Plus, it takes the fun out of K-pop to get too serious and needlessly upset about something like that. Not much spoken about his marriage proposals. The idea that someone could be that attached to a celebrity and that far detached from reality makes us cringe.

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I have never been to your concert so i really want to see you in real here in canada. Even though you're no longer a nobody, I will always be by your side and as I'm not going to change, I will demand an explanation if you, innocent as usual, go to one of those clubs or parties you dislike and I will be jealous if you hang out with another friend.

Nikka Ocampo Apr 26 5: Firstly, they really did look like the last type of guys to date, and next, that the fanbase really bought into the SM spiel. It is his life, he can do what he wants. Many simply enjoy a larger pool of people with no specific parameters. Myungsoo avoided plastic surgery for his eye lids which was one of the disturbing factor in his career.


Saranghae Myungsoo my baby, my love, my happiness. We provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect dating site! The ulzzang recently tweeted, "Are you watching? Best Dating Sites has done all the work for you and broken down all of the online dating websites into categories, ranked and reviewed them, and even provides current pricing plan info.

But the agency denies her information which was telecasted. Sameeksha May 26 8: I really hope he is!!!!! He is fondly called as Infinite L for stage shows and by his fans.

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It was best sold within short period of time. However, the Tweet was saved via a screenshot and is of course going viral on the internet.

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Pimpisa Sonviews. At the time of rumour girlfriend issue fans were started to throw stone on Kim Do. Let's never fight like we did yesterday.

Who is Infinite L’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Myungsoo

Kryst'L Jan 20 9: He mainly concentrates in his career as a singer and actor. However, emotions are not rational and it seems like we should try and be a little sympathetic. Keep doing a good job L. However, we will always be together until the end of our lives. Though happy that idols somehow manage to find time to date, idol dating also usually leaves me worried for them.

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Best answer receives a thumbs up from me! My Bias Was Caught Dating! Of course this is all speculation and the connections between the two could be merely coincidence. I see a situation similar to Se7en:

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