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Although Woolim entertainment has now confirmed that the couple was indeed dating, L's fans sought out and harassed Kim Do Yeon based only on the rumors that she was seeing L, whose real name is Kim Myung Soo.

You have no say!! Saranghae Myungsoo my baby, my love, my happiness. It had gotten to the point where the fans issued an open letter. He said they are simply friends. He had double eyelids when he was young myungsoo do yeon dating advice he grow older it became even.

InL is set to star in myungsoo dating you legal drama Miss Hammurabiplaying a judge. I will always supporting you. Whether it is entirely true or not is yet to be seen, but for now, many internet users seem to have taken the agency's official teddy dunn dating with a grain of salt, and are quick to point out that Woollim is now managed under SM Entertainment, and that company has a pretty solid reputation of denying any and all dating rumors surrounding their artists.

Is INFINITE's L dating ulzzang choco-holic Kim Do Yeon?

Rules of the Game, a show Sunggyu was a regular on. This then brings us back to our starting point: You're no longer a midget!

And those cracks have expanded and once again, Woollim is showing their incapability to properly handle scandals.

KrystalJung Sep 26 6: Unsurprisingly, netizens have discovered pictures to support the possibility that they may be involved in a relationship, such as one picture of them wearing the same T-shirt and brand name wristwatch. I have never been to your concert so i really want to see you in real here in canada.

He wasn't aware of all the matching clothes and shoes and it quite shocked himself. As her Tweet is receiving a lot of attention, Kim Do Yeon explained, "I'm speaking to a friend," and then went on to remove the entire message. She shared that her parents recently fell ill and was hospitalized.

Day by day the issue became serious at one point everyone regarding this issue started to cool down his fans by stating that their information is just a rumour. And he's a really sweet boy who cares a lot about the fans too.

The later version too made a great hit in its sold count.

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Pictures of L and Kim Do Yeon a chocolate-loving ulzzang, or "best face," a person who has risen to minor celebrity status for her good looks have been rounded up, as well as a handful of tweets, and while none of them show the alleged couple together, they are pretty solid evidence nonetheless.

However, the Tweet was saved via a screenshot and is of course going viral on the internet. Unsurprisingly, netizens have discovered pictures to support the possibility that they may be involved in a relationship, such as one picture of them wearing the same T-shirt and brand name wristwatch.

Ex-girlfriend There is no information of his ex-girlfriend. Honestly, the backlash of Woollim backtracking their previous statement would not be such if they had admitted the relationship in the first place if the relationship was over. Tags Stories Popular Social. But the netizens were not going to rest for very long.

But the agency denies her information which was telecasted. When the rumors started in September, Infinite was in their world tour and the two had no chance to see each other. How his fan think about his lover Fans mostly female fans are crazy in marrying Infinite L.

INFINITE L (Kim Myungsoo) Dating Ulzzang Kim Do-yeon ?

Matchmaking numerology free He looks so good and is so funny and charming but he has no idea how to myungsoo dating you.

But the post continued that despite staying silent on the matter, fans still bothered her, throwing rocks at her on the way home and scratching up her car. Fans are writing their marriage proposals in his website. Yes, perhaps that gave some evidence to the dating rumors, but who was the ones spreading it around?

Infinite had just debuted, a financial risk for a company that had put its all on its success. About this, we want to send our sincere apologies.

Friday, November 29, 2013

When she came home with her face swollen from crying, she lied to her parents, saying she hurt herself bumping into things. Keep doing a good job L. I waited for things to become quiet but they became more violent and threw trash in front of my office.

Let's never fight like we did yesterday. After a day or so of compiling suspected evidences, fans and netizens got a statement from L's agency Woollim flat out denying a relationship between the two. Starting from when the dating scandal came out up until now, his agency asked me to stay quiet for Myung Soo's sake so I kept silent.

He is looking for a friendly and pretty young woman as his life partner. Top that all off with some very convincing photographic evidence of girl group f x member Sulli holding hands with Choiza of Dynamic Duo, and you've got yourself celeb gossip to keep you quite busy.

Kim Do Yeon reveals she feels apologetic towards L ~ Netizen Buzz

A fairly complicated show, its appeal was for those who wanted a game show with wit and games focused on using ones brains to solve everything. He is fondly called as Infinite L for stage shows and by his fans.

She was a CEO of an internet shopping mall. He has given a variety of show appearances on television. Eventually the fans' actions made Kim Do Yeon's parents sick. We would like it if L, his girlfriend, and his fans are no longer hurt by this issue.

The second incident is one that resulted in Sunggyu deleting all his tweets but one: