PPT - The N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (N2PK VNA) PowerPoint Presentation - ID PPT - The N2PK Vector Network Analyzer (N2PK VNA) PowerPoint Presentation - ID

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When you zoom the main Smith the Mini-Smith will follow. When "Off" the traces are just lines. They would seem to be the ideal solution, if not for their expense. The use of a computer removes the need for any user interface on the device, and the PC can be used to automate testing sequences and log data.

If the instrument is calibrated with the filter in place, then even quite substantial amplitude or phase errors in the filter will not affect the measurement. You can also see the actual voltage standing waves as in Voltage Standing Wave Ratio along the line.

The zoom steps correspond to: Of course you are not restricted to showing plots for just lines that n2pk vna yahoo dating have measured. One should be careful when soldering the SHORT standard not to melt the center insulator with excessive heat I used a water bath during soldering.

VF approaches the "nominal" value of n2pk vna yahoo dating. But at least now it is apparent that there is some kind of correlation between the measured and modeled data.

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CSV for Zplots on the menu bar. The above is an example of how you can simulate a transmission line with an arbitrary load over a frequency range of interest.

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There are several folks who have already constructed VNAs. Just switch back to the Zplots window, using the Excel menu bar 'Window' selection just to the left of 'Help' or by pressing Ctrl-Tab, and Zplots bergwerksbesichtigung harzflirt ask you if you want to load the data from the "other" window.

When I got the russian analyser it took me weeks to get useable results because nobody told me I need a diodedetector. Return loss is of course a positive number.

It can be replicated by anyone with moderate skills in surface mount technology. This is a known bug in Excel Near the line center the voltage peak is V.

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Software must be version 1. If you are doing continuous scans there is no need to return to the hardware control program at all; you can just stay with the Zplots window and watch as the plots are refreshed.

Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free.

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Since Rho values are almost always less than 1, the trace line for Rho will be entirely "off scale" and will not be visible. He did not wanted it but I did.

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Thu Jun 20 Press "Zoom M1 to M2" and the frequency range of the X axis will be changed to match the range between the two markers. I made two different Load standards using different components bulk-metal foil resistor and edge-trimmed precision thin film resistor - both rated for high frequency use and optimized for minimal self-reactance and different construction techniques.

As an additional reminder, anytime Zplots is active you will see a new first entry in the list of choices under the Excel File menu. Good news is that the center pin is fixed in place, it doesn't rotate and it is not as long as the one in the "clamp-type coax connector"!

The N2PK VNA Brian Flynn GM8BJF - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

This page will be used to detail my experiences with the VNA project as it unfolds. Zplots can read this data and show an XY plot for: Parts have been purchased to construct 20 units. You can also set the min and max of the X axis in order to "zoom in" on a frequency subset of interest.

Being a general purpose VNA, it can measure many more characteristics than just impedance. Note that the frequency range used when you "Add" or "Subtract" a transmission line need not be the same as that used when you "Measure" the line.

After that you will be prompted to either a load the open circuit termination file and then the short circuit termination file, or b load the single Touchstone s2p file.

N2PK VNA Project

The Change S2P Subset s button appears below the information text box which shows the name of the currently loaded file. The center pin of the connector is trimmed down and the resistor is soldered in place.

While you are doing this you can be showing Theta for example on the secondary right axis. Notice the slight "wiggles" in the trace, representing noise or other anomalies of the data.

On the Custom sheet, this button is visible only when a Marker is being shown. Such files can be read by Zplots although the results may be confusing.

Copy the chart main chart only on the Custom sheet to the clipboard, with optional resizing. Here is the response of the compensated bridge: If the file contains multiple DUT data sets you will be asked which one you wish to show.

Reloads the current data file same name, new data into Zplots. You can use this button to "freeze" the min and max at values of your choice. And note that the file contains columns for only Frequency in MHz, series form R, and series form X no matter what type of data was specified in the dialog window.

If you do use File Open to read a data file, Excel will open that file in a separate workbook window.

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With a nominal velocity factor of 0. If you click 'Apply' the dialog window will stay open after the calculations are complete. Don't change the first two lines. Custom XY chart only Use these buttons to add horizontal marker lines to the chart, perhaps to aid in analysis or presentation.

As there are only the schematics, some pictures, and code but neither PCB artwork nor even a parts list in what follows, duplication of this project is not for the faint of heart! Its low-frequency inductance is only slightly less than for the Mini-Circuits transformer and the high-frequency performance is at least as good or better.

Zplots can read this file.

Alternative construction

Final touch - heat-shrink tubing provides color-coding and nice finish. Still, they are a great value, and it's hard to live without one. Instead of setting the start, stop, and step frequencies you set the start, stop, and step line lengths for a single, fixed frequency. Rather than seeing the results at the input or load end for a transmission line of fixed length over a frequency range of interest, you can see the response along a transmission line at a fixed frequency.

Allows you to cycle between displaying frequencies with a 1 Hz granularity or rounded to the closest KHz.