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For girls entering adulthood, adolescent specialists can act as both pediatrician and gynecologist, so they only have to see one doctor for all their needs. This foundation is based on the principles and philosophy of life as conceived by the ancient seers.

It also gives easy access to all the dive sites of Tulamben.

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Students are also taught modern subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Computers, etc. Amed is a collection of traditional fishing villages offering a tranquil and relaxed environment with friendly locals away from the commercialism of the south.

Perfect for romantic getaways, and great for families and friends. It was a wonderful nick notas dating Our Balinese bungalows are nestled in a secluded shady garden just minutes from the beach with its black volcanic sand.

I salute the efforts of the patrons to revive our culture in such a beautiful fashion and compliment the dedication displayed by the able team. Like other doctors, psychiatrists employ diagnostic tools like CT scans and MRI in order to observe the structure and function of a patient's brain.

You can make a difference too! On completion of our programs, they arise as highly proficient individuals with sound knowledge in Vedas as well as Modern Education. Introduction to the Institute Testimonials Their commitment to carry forward the Vedic Culture is well appreciated.

And Om Shantidhama provides such ideal atmosphere for Gurukula.

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These physicians deal with issues like the onset of puberty, reproductive health, eating disorders, irregular periods, mood changes, drugs and pressures from home and school. Once a diagnosis is made, these specialists may use behavior or cognitive therapy in order to address the patient's condition, or a multitude of other types of therapy, in conjunction with or in place of medication.

Gaurav Arora We are overwhelmed with the beauty of the students, the dedication and hardwork of the administrators and Donors. Amed is one of Bali's best locations for snorkeling and diving.

Get Involved Your contribution matters Om Shantidhama aims at providing free education to all children. Om Shantidhama provides educational, medical and spiritual services to all of mankind without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, colour, language, nationality etc.

Preserving our cultural values is of prime importance at Om Shantidhama. We have our own fully registered dive center to help you explore this fascinating underwater environment.

Om Shantidhama provides educational, medical and spiritual services to all without any discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed, colour, religion, nationality etc.

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Shanti S Nagireddy has the following 3 specialties Psychiatry A psychiatrist is a doctor with specific training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Well done and keep it up! Each villa has their own private swimming pool and offer wonderful views of the Bali Sea. Discover this scenic coastal region by bike, car or boat.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Adolescent Medicine Adolescent specialists are doctors who have advanced training in the health issues that adolescents face.

In some cases, a psychiatrist will only provide the medication and the counseling will be provided by another healthcare specialist, like a certified counselor or psychologist.

Inkarnation - Frieden, Shanti, Peace (1987)

Of Karnataka Visiting Shantidhama is a life time experience for anybody. The value system here is a wonderful one! Your contributions can help us in providing better facilities to the children. Amed is the perfect base for exploring East Bali with its numerous cultural and natural attractions including Water Palaces, Historic Temples and Mount Agung.

We will gladly help organise transport and experienced guides from the local community. It is a fine example for Gurukula System. Learn More Education for all No one is denied the opportunity to acquire knowledge to realize the highest in life; is the philosophy of this vedic world project.

Om Shantidhama stands, before you as a symbol of international integration, national solidarity and universal brotherhood. Please look around on our website for more information on Geria Giri Shanti Bungalows, and we hope to welcome you soon in Amed.

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Thank you very much! Rajinder and Jyoti Gandhi Very impressed with the efforts to revive our ancient tradition. My compliment to the Principal and her entire team for meaningful celebrations and the message for future generations.