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At the end of the date, the victimized dater is informed by The Devil that this is a prank show and that all three daters are actors, and that they are on "Hell Date. The unsuspecting dater is trumpsc dating apps introduced to the three hell daters all at once, in which all four go on and participate in a small date activity.

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And Allaah knows best. After two of the hell daters are eliminated, the third hell dater who successfully put on a normal facade, actually turns out to be even more outrageous than the first two.

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I have found these: It is called Jahannam Hell because of the depth of its pit — according to al-Qaamoos. It is called Lazaa blazing fire because of its flames. But it is not correct to divide people in Hell into categories on this basis, even though the division of people into categories on the basis of their actions is something that is proven from the texts — just as namish and helly dating is not correct to name the various levels of Hell in the manner in which they mentioned.

The unsuspecting dater is given the privilege to eliminate two hell daters after this.

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That which is named is one and the same. Two of the hell daters act outrageously strange and insane for no apparent reason immediately within meeting the unsuspecting dater, while the third actor is purposefully putting on a normal facade.

In the beginning of each episode, "The Devil" in a prerecorded scene is sitting in a dark room and conversing with and describes three hell date actors, and the character they are portraying to the unsuspecting dater.

It is called al-Jaheem fire because of its blazing fire.

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Partial list of notable actors who played the Hell Daters[ edit ] Pierre Antonio. The correct view is that each of these names which they mentioned is a name for the whole of Hell, not for a part of it in exclusion of another part.

The unsuspecting dater in a separate scene who is unaware that this is not a legitimate dating show and he or she believes is on a typical dating show would then describe themselves to the audience. Some of them said that these names are the names for the various levels and degrees of Hell, and some of them divided people into various categories on the basis of these levels.

Names of Hell I am looking for the different name of the Hell-fire.

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Similar to that of Elimidate. The program then ends. The believer is obliged to believe in and affirm all the names that have been proven in the Book of Allaah or the Sunnah of His Messenger peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him.

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Each episode featured only one unsuspecting dater and one single segment. Are these correct and could you give me a few more? This of course in turn makes the unsuspecting daters choice almost surefire.

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The second season had a slightly different format. At this point for the remainder of the program, an identical format to season one is played out.

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This is however done in a sly method. It is called al-Hatamah broken pieces, debris because it breaks and crushes everything that is thrown into it. It is called al-Haawiyah chasm, abyss because the one who is thrown into it is thrown from top to bottom… and so on. It is called Saqar Hell because of the intensity of its heat.