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I am thinking of the 8th grade class from the parish Academy about to graduate on Friday with joy and promise, and in an instant, their friend and pastor is gone.

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In the mids, he received his first commission to illustrate a childrens science book. In re-creating the art, Tomie says, Creating this art was as emotional an experience for me now as it was then. I lost a friend. Let me amend that.

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tomie dePaola - PDF free download eBook

But, he is most famous for books of his own creation, especially Strega Nona Grandma Witchthe beloved story of an old woman who uses her magical powers to help the people of her small Italian village. Every Sunday young Tommy visits his two grandparents. A year later, he published his first original picture book, The Wonderful Dragon of Timlin.

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I learned a lesson that I had always instinctively known, but never fully intuited; that nothing is promised, except life, and love, which is eternal. We must teach that also to our children. The first book in the series received a Newbery Honor Award.

I think I will reread it today.

Book nana upstairs and nana downstairs pdf free download

They were here, they influenced us and loved us — and that too is a reality they should be encouraged to embrace. They attempt to couch death and its loss in ways that enable children to cope, process and understand its concept. Taking its name from the address of his family home, the series captures the experiences and emotions of a young boy growing up in the late s and early 40s in the shadow of World War II.

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His passing was sudden and swift. See more interesting books: Busy downstairs, his first floor grandma is all bustling activity, and upstairs his 94 year young great grandmother is confined to bed. DePaola and his work have been recognized with many honors, including the Smithsonian Medal, the Kerlan Award for singular attainment in childrens literature, the Catholic Library Associations Regina Medal, and several awards from the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators.

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And it still does today. For it is still a mystery that we ponder; how one moment someone is here and full of life; and the next, they are not. Fine words for young readers to hold onto in the face of such a mystery.

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In a quietly touching story the author-illustrator depicts loving family relationships so that even the very young reader can understand the concept. Although he always wanted to create childrens books, he spent several years applying his talents to the fields of education, theater, and graphic design.

Using a combination of watercolor, tempera, and acrylic, dePaolas artistic style is best described as folk-traditional.

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs

Picture book authors have tried for years in many iterations to make some sense of death to the children that it touches. Between college and graduate school, dePaola spent a short time in a Benedictine monastery before determining that religious life was not for him.

Written inthis Caldecott Honor winner is still delighting children today. In addition to illustrating stories by other writers, DePaola has created artwork for collections of poetry, nursery rhymes, holiday traditions, and folk and religious tales. Life is promised, as pure gift, during the time we have it.

It is full of hope, opportunity, growth, challenge and most of all, love.