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Because, as a film-goer, I prefer now to see a film without knowing too much about it. Do you want to be a film director? Did you feel you'd done that kind of commentary now?

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I had decided that the film shouldn't be set in Rome for reasons I can partly explain to myself, others not. The other day I went to the Italian bookshop here and I saw the videos for Aprile and Dear Diary are actually not for those under And can I be your assistant please?

So there are simply scripts that are less complete. And so, while we were eating, I thought this isn't the best time to ask this question. I was going to be shooting the scene the next day and I invited them for supper the previous night.

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It should be the film critics who decide. With determination, talent and good luck, why not?

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I actually called an hour ago. What do you see as the future for cinema, given that it's box office that dictates so much. In my case, for this film, I started the film with a screenplay which was complete from the beginning to the end. I think this feeling of inadequacy happens to all cardinals elected Pope, or at least that's what they say.

My films are autobiographical but not in every detail and nanni moretti aprile online dating not true that Flashdance changed my life. Dating bgdate have lived in England for nine years and, of the few Italian films distributed here quotes regretting dating someone new all, your films are the only ones which show an Italy which is not in the stereotyped idealised version that we see in Il Postino, for example.

So one should never think in terms of what the audience might like. You've worked with the same director of photography and composer for many years. I had always imagined this film, the action, taking place in a small seaside town.

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You became a film-maker. Vatican correspondent Salvatore Izzo called for a boycott of the film in the newspaper Avvenireowned by the Italian Episcopal Conference. What I said was the best way of respecting the public was to not make films presuming to be able to understand their taste, their preference.

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The same thing happened to Moretti after the death of his own mother — who, like the character in the film, was a Latin teacher. The important thing is that there should be cinemas with their own clear identity, with a specific sort of programming which would inspire a mutual sort of trust with the audience for these types of films.

Not a hint of clerical sex scandals clouds the surreal image of frolicking white-haired Cardinals; the most critical line in the film suggests the Church needs a leader who will bring great change, but even that plays as an offhand remark.

We opened with Ken Loach's Riff Raff and now such a film would be shown in about five cinemas. I never said that I didn't make films for the public.

I was able to make documentaries or shorts, whatever we felt like. Did Aprile kind of end that?

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In terms of subject matter, I want to ask you about Aprile. Because of the question. Our cinema is the only independent cinema in Rome, because there are two very large distribution networks and two smaller ones. Buy's character learns that her mother had facets she never knew, when former students visit and talk about how much she meant to them.

And then obviously you did start to make feature films. The next day we met and they were very kind and we did scene together. But in that case, for the first and last time, because I wasn't happy with it, I did actually set out to do that.

And I think that the directors to whom I went to ask for work as an assistant director also had that same impression from me because I would say, "I would really like, if there's a possibility of a small job as an actor, I'd like to do that as well.

But also because having our own production company, and such a good partner, enabled me to suddenly decide to make films, as happened with a film called La Cosa, about the end of the Communist Party in Italy.

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Is there any hope for it? I believe you started writing it in In Aprile we saw the first trepidation at becoming a parent and then in this film we have an idea of what happens.

Comedy doesn't always travel well. It is, rather, an attempt to share in the experience, to go together and share in this feeling. Whereas in some of these films that I have made in recent years, these stages have become much more blurred and this is only possible when you have your own production company.

He would play with this tennis ball in his room. And thinking about it and talking about it afterwards, looking for explanations, perhaps that was a sort of amnesia because I was looking for a new character. And, talking of determination, I used to feel much less of this kind of embarrassment when I was a boy.

Angelo, your producer, is in the audience. It's a question people always ask.

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I think that this film works. In terms of how the international appeal of the comedy goes, it's not really something I can comment on.

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At that point, I think that we have to stop as we have the premiere of The Son's Room. Other scenes were shot in the Palazzo Farnese and Villa Mediciwhich otherwise house the French embassy and the French Academy in Romerespectively. Then I made a few films in a diary format, in which I launched myself into the first person.

But in actual fact it was a thing I felt was a very natural choice for me. What prompted you to use Jennifer Beals in Dear Diary? All ceremonies regarding his installation are purely ceremonial.

And at the end of the short film, the end of the day, when I wake up suddenly and listen to the answer machine. I've never looked back and thought I should have done something else. You had your first successful And then in Palombella Rossa, at the beginning of the film, the main character, my character, suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember who he is anymore.

But that hasn't actually happened, and this is one of the psychological traits that I recognize in myself, it has never actually affected me in this regard.