Serenity Con Nathan Fillion Surprises Alan Tudyk - Video Dailymotion Serenity Con Nathan Fillion Surprises Alan Tudyk - Video Dailymotion

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The series, written and directed by Tudyk, is a lighthearted take on the personalities, luminaries, comic book stores, and characters both Tudyk and Fillion have run into during their years in the sci-fi community and convention circuit, while telling the story of a sci-fi actor learning to love and embrace his fans.

I had a chance to speak to Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion about Con Man and about their idea to bring hardcore fans aboard as producers.

Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk team up for web series

And those are the people we want. Who respect the world. And they are a little bit crazy sometimes, but it is fantastic. Within Con Man, the central character, the one I play Wray Nerely, was on a sci-fi show ten years prior called Spectrum that was canceled too soon.

Alan is a treasure trove of fantastic ideas.

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Alan Tudyk as Spectrum's Wray Nerely. And it is fascinating. Movies must be really drying up right now because this guy's slumming.

‘Firefly’s’ Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk team up for ‘Con Man’ web series

It's something dating god dan horan crash just made sense. And it is a bizarre little society.

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So she'll play that assistant for Wray Nerely. It's gotta be three feet long.

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He'd soak his hand and then turn around to make sure you were watching him soak his hand. I don't think it's really accurate. It wasn't even a cramp, it was some other issue. And the people who go to these conventions, they look forward to it all year, and they say "I'm going to wear this costume, I'm going to buy this comic book, I'm going to make sure I see this panel.

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Each time you go to a convention you're given a volunteer who shadows you and helps you out. And then he said "I'm writing it. I'd like some Prosecco and a chair. That's not what it's about.

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He might get a network job on Doctor Cop Lawyer. They do a Con in this city, then in that city, then in another city. You mentioned your characters being on a canceled sci-fi show called Spectrum.

He was wonderful though. But when he came up with Con Man, it was something he couldn't stop talking about.

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Nathan Fillion as Spectrum's Jack Moore. Matt Fowler is a writer for IGN. What was behind the decision to use Indiegogo and bring fans on board as partners? Yeah, who'd respect the world.

And we both wanted a partner who would enjoy being involved.

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Obviously, Alan's not on hard times right now. And she's very enthusiastic.

‘Firefly’ Stars Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion Ready ‘Con Man’ Web Series - Speakeasy - WSJ

I think a lot of people don't know much about sci-fi conventions from the outside looking in. But at times I think the shadows of these characters line up with real life. If we make more of these. The craziest things and the weirdest characters are the celebrities and the people who work the conventions.

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They see it from afar. They're doing really really well. And, wow, what I saw there. How much does Con Man blend realty and fiction?