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Now we only have to get them in the ground! Over varieties in stock. We recommend that you use mulch mats… Read More Potting on If you are not ready to plant immediately, or prefer to plant a more advanced plant, you can pot the tubestock into a mm or larger container.

Planting is best undertaken when soils are moist and warm. These growers provide small plants known as tube stock plants for on-growing. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who, over the last 20 years, have bought our Native Tubestock Plants and had amazing results with high survival rates and amazingly quick establishment of their plants.

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Be sure to save the natural plant communities vegetation and ensure there is no loss of soil from the site erosion. I just wanted to say thank you for my delivery. Oz Trees specializes in growing native tubes to suit the needs of the wholesale nursery industry.

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When planting into areas of natural grass or woodlands etc. Members can have a total of 5 delivery addresses linked to their Account and they can be changed at any time. This website has full SSL bit security with encryption native plants tubestock online dating your transaction with us will be safe.

It is a requirement that the receiver provide a street address for entry on the Plant Health Certificate.

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Plant healthy, quality grown trees when climatic conditions are favourable. Seek professional advice if you are in doubt.

In cold areas, it is best to plant in spring, summer and early autumn when there is minimal frost and optimum growing condition. Contact us to discuss plants or growing requirements.

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When they do require feeding again we would recommend a slow release fertilizer such as Osmacote or Nutracote, or an organic product such as Dynamic Lifter or Organic Life. This will also apply to wholesale operators, forward orders and contact propagation enquiries but does not apply to sales priced items.

Updated on 24th October Small 20 plants 2 trays 80 plants You can order any available species with a minimum of 5 plants per species provided the total is 20 and thereafter 40 or multiple of. Fertilise with a suitable native slow release fertiliser after 12 months assuming you have fertilised on planting.

Bulk Discounts ERA is a large scale producer. This should last them 6 — 8 weeks after purchase. Australia Production nursery, producing a range of native and other plants, including a wide range of Bougainvillaea in mm — mm pots suitable for landscaping.

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Every care is taken to ensure that your seedlings arrive in the best condition possible. Our Oz trees staff have put some handy hints and tips in our Tuff Tree Talk section to give you the step by step knowledge you need to grow and maintain your plants.

Planting too deep could cause rotting and the death of your plants, raised planting may be a good idea in boggy areas building the soil up from its normal level to increase drainage. The range is being added to regularly so bookmark this site and check for updates from time to time.

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Shipments to South Australia will be accompanied with a formal 'Plant Health Certificate' and a manifest. Committed to native vegetation Our passion for Australias' unique flora underpins our commitment to producing a wide range of plants for the nursery trade, including many rare and unusual species.

In the event that plant material is purchased it will only be sourced from reputable suppliers and must be accompanied with a 'Plant Health Certificate' and will be sprayed with an approved fungicide upon arrival.

This will vary from region to region and depends on climate and seasonal rainfall. Remove from container and place the plant carefully into your prepared hole as per planting detail. ERA Nurseries is a grower and wholesaler and as such has no need to regularly purchase live plant material from elsewhere.

You can purchase our fantastic range of plants from our online store.

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We basically have 3 carton sizes. Ensure waterings are sufficient to moisten down to the subsoil ie. So give us call. They must be kept in a moist and partly sunny position away from hot afternoon sun and also kept well watered. Goods can still be directed to a Post Office box if desired. Have previously bought from the Lismore market, and they are all still thriving.

For best results, enact weed eradication at least 1 month before planting. We are flexible with container types, species and we can contract grow. These products should be used as directed. Use our local plant guide to assist in selecting the plants that are most likely to grow well in your area.

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Delivery guarantee Your plants are packed in heavy duty cartons and sent via Australia Post on Monday or Tuesday. We also regularly discount certain lines so bookmark this page, register with us and and keep track of discounted stock announcements.

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