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How does it feel to be in their company? I am willing to give up control of the rest of the league to let this play out and anything goes!!! From nba 2k11 my player game style simulation dating in-game performance, you can gain skill points in the following categories: You can pick their man over and over and over again, all the while getting boosts.

Add to that the 62 Classic Teams and now also All-Time Teams, the amount of simulation goodness is just oozing out of the box this year. What do you think management is trying to do at this point? Also, a cool thing about My Player is that after building up the My Player offline, you can take it online to play with.

There are several types of steals. When you see your man setting a pick, you know this means that he is trying to pick bright fm dating site one of your teammates. When the shot goes up, you look to get to the other side of the rim, unless it was contested, then you look at where the other players are going, and try to get towards that spot, to try to get the rebound.

Michael Jordan is the cover athlete of the game and is featured in the game in different ways. Why so many turnovers? See 5a 4 -5c 5 How tall should I be?

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How do you feel the guys get along both on and off the court? What can you take out of a positive win like tonights? And how do you feel about your team's fans? How do you explain such a discrepancy? How should I spend the first 10, skill points? Grizzlies - Conley is already a decent PG, but you could take his spot.

To get offensive rebounds, you actually do pretty much the same thing that you did for defensive rebounds. Now the offense has to try to diagram another play.

NBA 2K11 - My Player Mode Post-Game Press Conference Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

What is the importance of weight? My Player was expanded with the inclusion of post game interviews, new simulation settings and revamped grading system amongst other improvements.

I will not make adjustments based on stats alone. If you like to go overboard and maybe exploit the CPU a bit, own it. See 5a 2 -5b 3 How can I dominate draft combine and summer circuit? For example, consider the following fictitious entry: What is your relationship with the fans like?

What you do at this point is check for which side of the pick they are going to be running towards, and you stand over there, and block the path of the offensive player.

Actually, cherrypicking is sound offensive strategy, as it is easier to score a layup before the defense gets set up, than waiting for everyone to set up, so you can struggle to get to the hoop.

This portion of the guide covers these. Modes[ edit ] In addition to returning modes such as Association and My PlayerNBA 2K11 introduces The Jordan Challenge in which users take control of different Bulls teams from the Jordan Era and replay some of Jordan's most memorable games while trying to achieve the same stats or better.

Take ownership of your gameplay style. You should only choose a lesser height if you want the additional challenge. I am testing these using every team, in the league.

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So, the question becomes, do you want to be 5'5" and 99 overall, or 6'7" and 99 overall? If you want to try it You might be drifting towards the general area where the ball "should" go, but if you see the other player going to a certain spot, that is the spot where the ball will come off the rim, so you need to get inside of that spot, so that you can get the rebound instead.

One additional caveat may prove of use. NBA 2K11 features an improved presentation to make the game appear even more realistic.

Your big man represents your offense's greatest post threat especially if you built that strength up like you were supposed to.

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As long as you are in position, and jump last, you have a great chance at getting the block. Now, you might be wondering why I don't also recommend the medium shot for the big guys?

If you build in this manner, you can dominate from the very first game of the draft combine. It was a rough night from behind the arc tonight, yet you kept on shooting. It's gotta feel good coming off of a win like that. The reason medium shot is the first to boost for the small guys is simple: The purpose of this FAQ is to provide a list of the questions that can be posed to your player and the personal ratings changes that ensue from answering with each quality.

Airball steals - when someone launches an airball, it's a steal if you catch it, as the ball never becomes a shot attempt by hitting anything. If you want to dunk, you have to get to the rim first, and then dunk.

Now, if there is a lot of contact, you will probably do a layup, instead of a dunk. I will add a classic team to replace every single modern day team in each division.

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How do I get blocks? After that, you should be able to play well enough to build up your player how you choose. You're welcome to post box scores of games lots of people enjoy seeing them - just don't be miffed when I tell you that I usually ignore them now, if you take the time to write specific details about how the game went and what you saw, I will totally read that.

That's more than half a season, and a pretty remarkable display of consistency. I don't use it nor will test with it. To call for the pick-n-roll, you hit the pick button L1then, choose the button of the corresponding player you want to set the pick. But, in the real NBA, if you have a mid range shot that is good, you can score a lot of points.

I am also going to try out MyGm this year and see what that is all about. Hold the button down, until they start running toward you. When a My Player is first created, dependent upon their build, they get a rating in several attributes. Then we can move on to our MyLeague set-up.

How important is it to you to put in as much extra time as you can, and does it wear you down over the course of a long season? Base example of sticking points here or there are just starters, to get you going. So once the fun factor is taken care of we focus on good stats, and great smooth, clean screen game play.

Did the team try to do anything specific to shut him down? Why were you struggling so much from deep?