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New th8 4 mortar bases of dating. Base th 8 terkuat 4 mortar

Can you please post fresh and effective base designs that I can use. Share Your War and Farming Base Designs You may include a screenshot of your farming or war base or both below in the comments section if you would like your farming or war base to be included in this post.

New th8 4mortar Layout

Although my first passion is website design and web application development, I am hooked yamaha drums serial number dating Clash of Clans when I am not designing. The Dark Elixir is placed such that it looks appealing to the attacker but it is protected by many defenses that when the troops get near them, the surrounding Air defenses, traps and bombs will take them out!

Townhall 9 4 mortars War Base Designs Design Number 1 The above town hall 9 war base design is a multi-purpose trophy based design which is anti-hog, anti-balloons, anti giants, anti-dragon, anti-hound and anti-gowiwi.

The base looks widespread and open, and the attacker might see many funneling opportunities here. Other elements of the base such as the Tesla and Inferno Tower add on to killing dragons faster.

[COMPILATION] TH9 4 Mortar Bases

So, use it as you like it! The bomb tower is placed wisely over the layout so it is efficient against the nasty troops. The design will add to defending against them too. This TH8 farming base is one of the most amazing one and you can even use this as a Defense base too!


New Town hall 8 War base — Anti valk — anti hog — anti drag The next base is something new. Valkyries have grown really popular recently. With the ability of ripping your base to shreds, Valks are the point of concern now-a-days.

This base can also withstand hog attacks, valkyrie attacks, etc. In our future articles, we will include more bases with the 4th Mortar which will be further tested and time tested to ensure best defenses in both farming and war.

When they are at Level 4, they get really powerful and if used with proper strategy, have the capability of destroying your entire base.

TH8 Farming Bases 1. The base is divided into multiple compartments which gives it a great channeling feature.

And, with the upgrade to Level 4, they have grown really powerful too. Even if the enemy troops reach down there, the area is so packed with traps, Tesla and bombs that will never make it through.

But the counter placement are will catch the Dragons anyway. I am a web designer based in Mumbai.

[TH8] War base with 4th mortar!

The powerful air defense with air sweepers give the base a powerful defense against the mass dragon attacks. The Town Hall is kept a little bit outside so attacking troops are lured towards it but the adjacent defenses will shoot the down. If you expect the attacker to be using a lot of ground tower, having a base with Bomb Tower is a great way to deal with them.

This base will power-up your defense with the amazing anti-Gowipi tactics. The base works efficiently as a farming base as well as powerful defense base. Thanks for these designs and do keep posting both Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 base designs as I keep coming back for more!

The air defenses with Air Sweepers will work out great for taking down the dragons. So, the air defenses are well backed up. Giant Bombs placed all over the base will keep the hogs from entering into the core. It works fine giving away 1 star mostly. The base hides within itself the powers of some of the best defensive strategies.

There is no chance the attacking troops survive this region. GoHog is another popular strategy that uses Golems and Hog Riders to break into your core. The four Mortar placed all around the Dark Elixir Storages with Giant bombs, Tesla and traps supporting it, this base is gives a powerful protection to the Dark Elixir Storage.

The base looks quite simple and the attacker might think that they can easily 3 or 2 star this base it is not as simple as that.

The base focused on giving maximum protection to the Dark Elixir Storage. If you are against a major attacks, use this base and thank us later! You will either win with flying colors or be ripped to shreds- there is no in between.

4 Mortars Base Design in Clash of Clans

The Dark Elixir and the Town Hall is placed at the center. But not this one. The Giants Bombs are super powerful in taking down the Hog Riders while the walls will keep off the Golem from entering your base.

I am so much in love with the game that I decided to start a blog wherein I can share my gyan of the game with people of like interests! Owing to this, I have been receiving emails from blog followers who want me to post some good townhall 8, townhall 9 and townhall 10 trophy base designs with the 4th mortar in place.

It stand out well giving away not more than one star in clan wars. About Author Kumar Hey! The best feature of this base is the Air Defense and the placement of Air Sweepers across the base.

The base will also work efficiently against Hog attacks and its variations as well. You may also post your comments and your experience after implementing the designs.

Top 16+ Best TH8 War Base (NEW!) June | Anti Dragons, Everything

This Th8 war base is designed focusing on Dragons, Hog Riders, Valkyries and is a great success against Gowipe and its variations. Some of the most hard-to-break attacking strategies include GoWipi and Dragons. Channeling helps in defending the base against Dragons, hogs and GoWipe attacks.