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The podcast is all about embracing the sometimes-humiliating portions of life through artifacts such as home movies, journal entries, poems, song lyrics, and letters. Well, perhaps these addictive story podcasts 10 Addictive Podcasts Telling Stories You Need to Hear 10 Addictive Podcasts Telling Stories You Need to Hear We have hand-picked a selection of story podcasts for your listening pleasure that will help you experience some of the most innovative and addictive storytelling happening today.

The best thing about podcasts: The only atom-thick material known to man, it seems to also be the lightest, strongest, and most conductive material on earth.

Then the counterculture came along, LSD became a recreational drug, and the research dried up. After the interview portion, however, all bets are off.

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The only problem, as John Colapinto explained in a recent Common guests include LGBTQ comedians, comedians of color, and female comedians, all discussing topics such as sex, sleepover accidents, living in New York, race, hair, and even Billy Joel.

But the 11 podcasts listed here focus on true stories that are likely to make your own life look dull by comparison. Play and Parenting at KidZania Jan.

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Rather than escape into a fantasy world, at KidZania children take jobs, purchase items branded by corporate sponsors, pay taxes, and even run a legal system. On Out Loud, Seabrook joins Kelefa Sanneh, who also writes frequently about music for the magazine, and Nicholas Thompson, the editor of newyorker.

Email Advertisement Although some say radio is a dying art, listening to the spoken word continues to be a form of entertainment thanks to aluna and george dating world of podcasting.

Two American Obsessions Oct.

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After Birth The After Birth podcast is all about how life changes rapidly after you become parents. Show, Comedy Bang Bang starts each weekly episode with interviews featuring entertainers and other comedians. Growing Up in the Rodeo Dec.

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But greatness on film Subban; Nick Paumgarten, who plays regularly in a local league; and Adam Read More will be more to your liking. Do we care too much about Bob Dylan? The show is also unique in that you never know where it will be recorded.

Are there any comedy podcasts you feel we mistakenly missed off this list? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! The Puzzling Promise of Graphene Dec. The podcast is interesting because, while the routes are often similar, each individual has particular quirks and methods that help define their personal process.

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Comedy podcasts can be extremely entertaining. Read More from their childhood, and, in most cases, these stories never see the light of day. It has also been honored as one of the best podcasts around by iTunes, The Guardian, and The Atlantic in recent years.

Music in the Age of Spotify Nov. Which of the podcasts listed above do you listen to at the moment? New episodes are available every Tuesday. SModcast has been around for a while.

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Houellebecq has been in the spotlight recently not only because of the release In each episode of the podcast, a QI researcher presents a favorite fact that they stumbled upon during the week. The podcast features Gervais and his crony Stephen Merchant, but the real star is producer and bald-headed Mancunian Karl Pilkington.

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In this article we explain how to manage your podcast collection using Pocket Casts. The co-hosts originally thought Pilkington would be nothing more than a button-pusher, but as they learned more about him the show began to focus on his wild stories and unconventional — to say the least — childhood.

Will you be checking out any others we have recommended? On Out Loud, the editor of the issue, Amelia Lester, talks to the journalist Smith hosts alongside his producing partner Scott Mosier, and the two give their comedic takes on a wide range of topics.

In this week's magazine, Michael Pollan writes about a new wave of researchers who These are 10 of the funniest podcasts available online right now. In the magazine, Nick Paumgarten wrote of the "shrine of exotic booze," the "Cornell-box assemblage of promotional doodads," and other keepsakes that were uncovered while the magazine's Friend and Kelefa Sanneh, a staff writer who frequently covers pop culture, join However, each week her guest acts as the host while she appears as the guest.

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Here Sacks talks with John Bennet and Sasha Weiss about some of his drug-induced hallucinations, how his interest in neurology connects to his experimentation with drugs, and how one drug experience led to his writing career.

The show stars Matt Dwyer, a writer and comedian, and his wife, Kelly Dwyer, a longtime photographer, as they tell stories about the somewhat reckless lives they led before kids and how that has all changed.

The problem is your collection of podcasts is probably getting a little out of hand. In fact, it recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Geoengineering? This Week On the New Yorker Out Loud Podcast

In each episode, the English actor and standup comedian interviews other comics about the process of writing and performing their material.

Famous on YouTube Dec.

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Its potential applications seem almost limitless. For Love of the Ice Dec. Psychedelics as Therapy Feb. Movie Stars on Broadway Dec.

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There are plenty of episodes to listen to, over and counting. David Remnick's Reporting on Israel Nov. If you make it through all the episodes of SModcast, be sure to check out some of the other shows on the SModcast Podcast Network.