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Newsequentialid error validating proxy, form validation with jquery


See what happens here: Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo. If this happens, then the original number of rows are not returned to the final data.

Each row represents a time when their location was recorded. The first column is the neighborhood they are walking through.

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When read on this new function it says can only be used with default value, but can't get that to work. Why are these 'sequential' GUIDs being created with such a large break of sequence? You can file a bug at http: Wow this has been a bug for some many years I would like to have my tables that are using guids, have newsequentialid as the default value.

Is there a problem if there is already data in the tables with now changing from newid to newsequentialid Why on earth is this not fixed yet AND there doesn't seem to be any official Microsoft posting or commment regarding this??????

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Unbelievable ;- Just ran into the "Error validating the default for column "xxxx". I expect the inserted GUIDs to be sequential, but sometimes they break sequence in chunks.

The script above works correctly in SQL Server The duplicate key value is 20ce-f36b The third column is the sequence that these data occurred. I want to create the visit column that records sequential time-points at the same street, in the same neighborhood, as a single visit, and later return visits as the next visit.

If we cannot answer a question in the forums in the first month, it generally gets ignored and we do not go back and try to answer it later.

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It doesn't work for me either. Whenever there is a problem with our product, I strongly recommend filing a bug or a suggestion in Microsoft Connect. Thread about creating sequential IDs, with several additional links It's not hard to create identifiers in a sequence, but my data includes a temporal element that has thrown me for a loop.

Downtown Nicolette 3 4 1 5: Code used to generate sequential GUIDs: At least the GUI in asks if you want to continue, if you tell it yes, it still saves it.


The following data is an imaginary dataset just to illustrate the problem in something tractable: I'm trying to upgrade my tables in my DB to have the default to be newsequentialId. Is the behaviour broken, since generated GUIDs should be unique, and they are clearly not.

Downtown Hennepin 1 2 1 3: Downtown Marquette 2 3 1 4: Add listViewItem ; Edit: Error validating the default for column "xxxx". The second column is the intersection where they were located at each time-point. This is a bug in Management Studio. Uptown Hennepin 1 1 1 2: Create the table by hand in T-SQL.


As stated in documentation source: Create a sequential number counter for rows within each group of a dataframe [duplicate] Update: It was reported to Microsoft Connect back in but still isn't fixed Downtown Hennepin 4 5 2 6: Is this a joke?

The Answer is NO. Uwe's solution works, but is broken if someone decides to stay at one intersection for all the measurements, which is what happened when I tried to put this to real data.

These GUIDs are shown in the order that they are inserted. How do I create this sort of sequential identifier?