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If we lose it, revalidating process hazard analysis ccps parent shall drop straight away to a third-rate Power.

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My Lords, this is a great hour. Let the Englishman and the Indian accept the consecration of a union that is so mysterious as to have in it something of the nick kurzon dating, and let our common ideal be a united country and a happier people.

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The symbol of Empire in its noon-tide splendour. A great and unselfish servant of the State, who, in that service, was always ready to "scorn delights and live laborious days," a man who pursued high ambitions by none but worthy means, who never sulked under the rebuffs of fortune, who never allowed himself to be soured by the disappointment of unrealised hopes, he takes an assured place in the long line of those who have enriched by their gifts and dignified by their character the annals of English public life.


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It is not necessary to agree about everything in his policy in order to appreciate how great an administrator Lord Curzon was there We are ordained to walk here in the same track together for many a long day to come.

Weidenfeld and Nicolson,p. It will not be forgotten. Three things distinguished him then, as they did later: His resources are spent. As long as we rule India, we are the greatest power in the world.

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He was a man in a high sense of the word If necessary we shall continue the war single-handed. Really he is an intolerable person, pig-headed, pompous and vindictive too! Written when Curzon was at Oxford, the first couplet was probably written by J.

If I had done nothing else in India I have written my name here, and the letters are a living joy. Lord Haldane in the House of Lords 23 March We should be impotent without you.


Curzon is an intolerable person to do business with—pompous, dictatorial and outrageously conceited With hunger spreading on an unprecedented scale through two-thirds of the subcontinent, he ordered his officials to publicly attribute the crisis strictly to drought.

Mackail ; the second couplet probably by Cecil Spring-Rice.

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HarveyCollision of Empires. Thirty-five years ago he and I were young men in London, with different outlooks, with different social surroundings, with different ideas about our careers, but an intimacy sprung up which was never checked Exposing the Islamist State on the Internet, p.

No one believes more firmly than we do that the safety and welfare of India depend on the permanence of British administration. Collins,pp.

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As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Caliphate, so we must ensure that there will never rise again unity for the Muslims, whether it be intellectual or cultural unity.

We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of the Muslims. Are we presumptuous if we see in it the judgment of a Higher Power upon panoplied arrogance and enthroned wrong? The lands upon which the enemy had laid his cruel and predatory hand are in course of being evacuated.

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You cannot do without us. We may also, I think, congratulate ourselves on the part that the British Empire has played in this struggle, and on the position which it fills at the close. Macmillan,pp. When an incautious member of the Legislative Council in Calcutta, Donald Smeaton, raised the problem of over-taxation, he was in Boer War parlance prompdy "Stellenboshed.